Anita Albert

Anita has a diverse background in many things technical and analytical. She spent a few years in the US Navy fixing anything electronic that exists on an airbase; from ancient radio equipment using tubes to the latest next-generation weather RADAR systems.

After living 4 years in Hawaii while in the Navy, she and her husband Jim were open to moving somewhere a bit sunnier than where they were from in Ohio and Iowa. Colorado sounded good so they moved there knowing no one, having no jobs and nowhere to live, via a 6-week road trip camping around the US, living out of an Integra hatchback.

Then she took the next natural step in her career by getting a degree in finance, even earning the CFA designation. Worked in the world of investment management for several years, before migrating over to testing and managing the development of financial software and then to programming the financial software. Then she spent a few years being a little too involved in her kids’ lives and a lot too involved in local school politics.

After a lot of informal and on-the-job learning about programming, she went back to school and got some formal training in web development and worked for a few marketing companies building, maintaining and managing websites.

She brought this mixed background along with a life-long love for animals to Fear Free Pets.

She and Jim have two human kids and three furry ones. Niko is maybe a german shepherd, chow, border collie, other mix. Absolutely a sweetheart of a dog with a mostly unknown past, having grown up living ‘wild’ on a reservation in the four corners region. He has some interesting quirks – like fear of ceiling fans, hallways and kitchens that we’ve had to work through. Luna is the big sister of our two cats, a medium to long fur black cat we rescued from a shelter and Willow is her little sister cat, could be an Egyptian mau.