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Becca Albert

Becca is a design nerd and a lifelong animal lover. After enrolling in a technical school for graphic design, Becca switched her dreams of venturing into the emerging world of Neuropsychology to head into the intersection between design and human psychology. She found her passions come together in the Entrepreneurial Studies BSc program at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and was quickly drawn to the world of User Experience Design.

She found Fear Free Pets in the summer of 2018 and immediately fell in love with the mission and the people. Today she works as the company’s User Experience Designer to help make the websites more usable for the people that love Fear Free. In her spare time she enjoys all things outdoors, jumping in way over her head on new recipes, and spending time with the people (and animals) she loves. Although she does not have any pets of her own at the moment, she is emotionally responsible for a few, pet sits wherever she can, and is planning her next jump into adult responsibility over the next few years (probably in the form of a German shepherd).

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