Serina Murphy

Serina has always been fascinated by learning about how people think and behave. This led her to studying and earning a bachelor’s in psychology at Santa Clara University and later, earning a Master’s in occupational therapy (OT) from San Jose State University. Serina’s OT knowledge and skills has helped her to develop innovative and creative problem-solving thinking and a better understanding about the human experience, both physically and psychologically. Additionally, as a project manager in tech for 10+ years working on digital advertising campaigns, Serina was responsible for creating quality experiences for clients and users for companies such as Google, Yahoo! and Disney. She transitioned into UX design when she experienced first-hand as an OT how thoughtful design can increase a person’s quality of life. Her goal is to design products and experiences that are meaningful and impactful through curiosity, attention to detail, empathy for the user, a meaningful user connection, and a true love of art.

When Serina is not designing, she enjoys spending time with her family (including her sweet shih-tzu/poodle mix, Romeo), drawing on her iPad and engaging in art challenges on Instagram (@madebyserina), eating some good food, wine-tasting, or traveling (especially to Disney Theme Parks due to her love of all things Disney).

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