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Update: What You and Your Clients Should Know About CBD Products

March 30, 2020 Blog

While medicinal hemp products have not been subject to rigorous FDA oversight, many pet product companies tout multiple health benefits…Read More

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Declawing Changes Are Good for Cats

March 24, 2020 Blog

Cats are benefiting from a trend to ban declawing. Here's what to know about the latest legislation and policy positions.Read More

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Stationing Behaviors: How to Teach Consent Skills (Part Two)

March 16, 2020 Blog

Teaching strong stationary behaviors and using them as consent cues can be useful and can take your veterinary team to…Read More

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COVID-19 and Pets: What to Know

March 16, 2020 Blog

To date, no evidence exists that COVID-19 can be transmitted to humans by dogs, cats, or other pets. The WHO…Read More

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Stationing and Consent Behaviors: Useful Skills for Every Veterinary Team (Part One)

March 9, 2020 Blog

Teaching strong stationary behaviors and using them as a consent cue can be useful and can take your veterinary team…Read More

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Success Stories: How Humans and Pets Benefit From Fear Free

March 2, 2020 Blog

Fear Free techniques help people and pets to gain trust and confidence in the care they receive at their veterinary…Read More

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Even Mild Fear of Noise in Dogs Has Broad Effects

February 24, 2020 Blog

Even mild sensitivity to noise can negatively affect a dog's learning ability, a study shows. Early screening and treatment may…Read More

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Party Hats! Teaching Muzzle Training to Canine Patients

February 17, 2020 Blog

Muzzle training can be a life-saving behavior investment for clients and clinics. Here's how to teach their dogs to love…Read More

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How Cats Enhance a Nursing Home Setting

February 9, 2020 Blog

The presence of live-in cats can bring diversion, interest, and happiness to the lives of nursing home residents. Here's how…Read More

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Fear Free Success Stories: Veterinary Visits for the Win

February 3, 2020 Blog

New experiences can be challenges for pet patients, but Fear Free techniques help them to gain trust and confidence whether…Read More

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FIP News: Is a Cure at Hand?

January 27, 2020 Blog

A diagnosis of FIP used to be a death sentence, but that’s changing. Like the disease itself, the story is…Read More

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Pig Out With Treats to Earn Porcine Trust

January 20, 2020 Blog

Using treat rewards, providing a soothing care environment, and using calming aids are all ways to encourage a pig's willing…Read More

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