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Stressful Stats: Findings of Veterinary Wellbeing Study Spark Hope, Worry

February 9, 2018 Blog

Veterinarians 45 years old and younger were more likely to experience serious psychological distress, and only 27 percent of those…Read More

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How Fear Free Certifications Instantly Create Marketing Opportunities Inside and Outside Your Practice

February 1, 2018 Blog

In today’s competitive veterinary industry, many different certifications can set a practice apart: Cat Friendly Practice, American Animal Hospital Association…Read More

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Study: How Parents May Be Increasing the Risk of Their Child Being Bitten by the Family Dog

January 19, 2018 Blog

When it comes to interactions between children and dogs, experts and parents or other caregivers don’t see eye to eye.…Read More

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Fear Free Failure? Not A Chance. Here’s Why

January 9, 2018 Blog

You heard about the Fear Free initiative, and now you have become certified. You have an amazing number of tools…Read More

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Study: Effects of Trazodone Compared to Acepromazine in Anesthetic Induction

December 21, 2017 Blog

Acepromazine is frequently used for pre-medication before veterinary visits and surgery. While it offers sedation, it doesn’t offer any substantial…Read More

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Is Fear Free the Only Way to Compassionate Veterinary Practice?

December 3, 2017 Blog

Is Fear Free Certification right for every veterinary professional and practice? It’s hard for me to answer that with anything…Read More

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Healing Our Wounds as We Heal Theirs: A Veterinarian Gives Thanks

November 21, 2017 Blog

Since I published the story of my personal struggle with depression and a family history of suicide—including my father, who…Read More

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Study: Gabapentin Reduces Stress in Cats Before Veterinary Visits

November 6, 2017 Blog

Cats can suffer from severe fear and stress when being transported to the veterinarian or while being examined once there.…Read More

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Veterinary Technicians: The Heartbeat of the Hospital

October 19, 2017 Blog

Veterinary technicians have their fingers on the pulses of every patient, and they are at the heart of the entire…Read More

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Gulliver’s Travails And Other Tales Of Fear Free Technician Care

October 16, 2017 Blog

Gulliver was nervous and fearful. Recently adopted, he needed a complete checkup, but his owner wasn’t sure she could get…Read More

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An Open Letter to Our Clients on Their Hardest Day

October 10, 2017 Blog

The loss of our furry family companion is devastating, and often the loss can leave us in a fog of…Read More

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Temple Grandin’s Unique Voice is Helping To Create A More Fear Free Experience For Pets Visiting the Vet

October 1, 2017 Blog

Temple’s voice in the Fear Free Advisory Group continues to enhance the emotional wellbeing of animals, including companion pets in…Read More