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Research Shows Possible Medical Treatment for Painful Canine Stomatitis

March 8, 2021 Blog

Anderson found that the number, size, and shape of the ulcers varied between dogs. Most of the ulcers were distributed…Read More

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Putting Principles Into Action

March 1, 2021 Blog

Veterinarians, technicians, and staff with Fear Free training help make patients feel happy, not helpless, when they anticipate a veterinary…Read More

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Top 10 Treats to Win Pet Hearts

February 22, 2021 Blog

Let’s face it; not all treats are created equal. There are certain flavors, textures, and even temperatures pets prefer over…Read More

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Why Fear Free Is Better Medicine

February 15, 2021 Blog

When a patient is fearful of seeing me at a veterinary hospital, their world shrinks to two options: flee or…Read More

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Fear Free: 3 Veterinarians Share Success Stories

February 8, 2021 Blog

Fear Free techniques help people and pets to gain trust and confidence in the care they receive at their veterinary…Read More

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Technology and Animal Shelters: Change Is in the Air

February 1, 2021 Blog

Virtual home inspections and adoptable animal events, foster management platforms, and photography and fundraising apps are just a few of…Read More

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Study Compares Electronic-Collar Training with Positive Reinforcement

January 25, 2021 Blog

Dogs trained with positive reinforcement responded to the trained cues faster and with fewer repetitions than dogs trained using electronic…Read More

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Study Finds Different Stress Levels in Dogs Walked by Male and Female Volunteers

January 18, 2021 Blog

Male and female volunteers may need different types of feedback and training to successfully interact with dogs.Read More

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Fear Free Shelters: Dog Housing Basics

January 11, 2021 Blog

Properly designed basic dog housing can help support behavior, health, and adoption programs. They reduce fear, anxiety, and stress, thereby…Read More

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Success Story: Victory Visits for the Win

January 4, 2021 Blog

Bella went from barking and growling to happily greeting the veterinarian, taking treats, and willingly receiving an examination.Read More

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Veterinarians and Their Teams Prove Heroic During Coronavirus Pandemic

December 21, 2020 Blog

Veterinary hospitals have gone above and beyond during the COVID crisis, donating equipment and expertise and leading efforts to help…Read More

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Esophagostomy Tubes: Fear Free Tools for Disease Management

December 14, 2020 Blog

Esophagostomy tubes can help clients confidently care for inappetent pets and help pets to remain comfortable and relaxed while receiving…Read More

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