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Feline Pheromones: The Science Behind Them

September 20, 2021 Blog

Pheromone products are versatile and easy to use, and they can be used in combination with a behavioral plan and…Read More

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Veterinary Profession Burnout: A First-Person Account

September 6, 2021 Blog, Team Picks

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you…Read More

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Bird Brain: Learning and Problem-Solving in Psittacine Pets

August 30, 2021 Blog

There is quite a bit to know about living with and caring for psittacines, especially when it comes to dealing…Read More

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Do Cats Want to Work for Their Food? The Answer May Not Surprise You

August 23, 2021 Blog

There’s no doubt that cats, being the predators they are, have a built-in prey drive. But what is the best…Read More

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Telehealth Is a Win for Vets, Pets, and Clients

August 16, 2021 Blog

Video and video chat can help you support clients in ways you might not have considered.Read More

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Obesity Affects More Than a Pet’s Physical Health

August 9, 2021 Blog

Weight management can be challenging, but by discussing the emotional benefits along with the physical, we can take a Fear…Read More

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Are Your Clients Raising Avian Junk-Food Junkies? What They Should Know About Feeding Birds

August 1, 2021 Blog

The nutritional makeup of what birds eat in the wild may be quite different from what we feed them in…Read More

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Compulsive Behaviors in Cats: How to Recognize and Manage Them

July 26, 2021 Blog

Changes and conflict in their lives can evoke stress and anxiety in cats. One common reaction is over-grooming.Read More

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The Importance of Managing Pain in the Fear Free Practice

July 20, 2021 Blog

For many chronic OA cases, there are other factors that can influence the ability to manage both pain and disease…Read More

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Repairing a Broken Human-Animal Bond

July 19, 2021 Blog

A skilled veterinary behavior professional should be able to demonstrate the prescribed behavioral therapy plans, coach the client through them,…Read More

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How Animal Shelters “Catify” to Benefit Cats and Adopters

July 12, 2021 Blog

Create an environment that brings out the best in shelter cats, reduces their fear, anxiety, and stress, shows them in…Read More

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From Hiss to Kiss: Feral Kitten Clicker Training

June 28, 2021 Blog

Clicker training puts the kitten in control. She chooses to repeat the behavior because she understands that something positive will…Read More

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