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2301 Technology Drive, O'Fallon, MO 63368, USA
2301 Technology Drive O'Fallon Missouri 63368 US

It’s SO exciting to be the FIRST to achieve Fear Free Practice certification. Our practice has always had a culture of kindness to animals and we started getting individual Fear Free certifications two years ago. When we were in the process of designing our new building, I wanted to incorporate as many low stress features as we could. It was important to make being at The Pet Doctor a happy occasion for our patients. It adds SO much satisfaction to our jobs to have pets wagging their tails and happy to come to the vet!
As soon as we heard about it, it just seemed like adding the Fear Free Practice certification was the perfect fit for us. We already had everything in place. We have wonderful features in our building, such as non-slick floors, calming colors and soft music. We separate cats and dogs as much as possible to decrease stress. We use pheromone sprays and diffusers (Feliway and Adaptil) to help pets feel more comfortable. Every touch and word we use is kind and gentle and we let pets tell us what they need. We individualize care to meet each pet’s preferences.
Everyone at The Pet Doctor is SO proud to be the FIRST Fear Free Certified Practice! We are excited to help pets LOVE coming to the vet!

Dr. McManus and staff were very compassionate and caring when I brought our cat in who needed surgery for a bladder obstruction. We had to make a very tough decision and Dr. McManus was honest and upfront with us. Jax is now in kitty heaven. This practice had a room where we could spend time with Jax which I am so thankful for. Thank you so much Dr. McManus, you are the best!

Melony P.


Thank you for not declawing cats! Any veterinarian who does not perform barbaric outdated unnecessary p3 toe amputations on a once healthy cat is tops in my book. I take my cats and dogs to a veterinarian who does not declaw cats, even if I have to travel an extra 20 minutes, it is worth it, they don’t cry and whine in the car anymore like they used to when we used our ex-vet who declawed. Animals are sentient beings, not property for humans to mutilate. No wonder they used to cry on the way to our ex-vet, they were wondering if any of their body parts were going to get amputated.

Donna D.


I wanted to update my review. Previously on here, I mentioned that I had a sub-par visit at The Pet Doctor. I have to say that I spoke with the staff and Dr. Hammerle and I have never felt more valued as a customer. She called me personally to discuss the issue and it was resolved very fast. Nara LOVES the staff there and they have the best interest at heart. I have never been treated so well by a vet clinic.

Dr. Hammerle values every client and looks at building a lifetime client and I will take my current, and future pets to The Pet Doctor.
Thank you for seeing Nara and thank you for making me feel like I have a voice within your company. I know you and your staff genuinely care for my dog and what is best for Miss Nara.

Melanie T.


My cat, Dave, was brought into the clinic because of a cancerous mass in his mouth. Marcy took a look and said it was definitely removable. They took such great care of my furbaby. I would probably still be in tears today if it hadn’t been for them. They are a wonderful team!!! They called the day after surgery to see how he was doing. Marcy, you’re awesome! Thank you all for everything! P.s the facility is amazing!

Kim B.


Thank you to Joni and the entire staff for taking such good care off all our doggies! My new puppy recently was spayed and she received a custom-made cone complete with her name and princess stickers to make her feel better! Even in our darker hours and our dog needed to go to doggy heaven, they were compassionate and caring and gave us plenty of time to spend with her.

Stephanie L.


Thank you Pet Doctor, for honoring your oath to heal instead of harm cats by mutilating their feet! You knew in your heart that it is the wrong thing to do! Declawing is barbaric! There’s a very good reason that so many countries around the world have already banned declawing. Why is the USA always the last to do the right thing?

Laura B.


Best vet ever!!! Very compassionate and caring with a great support staff.

Marlene H.


The staff and Dr. McManus are EXCEPTIONAL! I would refer anyone with a pet to check them out.

Karen L.

We got our rescue Jackson Smiley (aka Guy Smiley) from the Pet Doctor 5 years ago. We LOVE him so much. We also took our 14-year-old girl, Choie there for laser treatments on her back. Staff is incredibly educated, talented, caring, selfless and all around good people.

Kelly S.


Saved my dog twice. Love the team. Had them send my cat to heaven. Couldn’t ask for a better team. Dr. Hammerle is the best.

A practice that has compassion.

To turn your back on convention and admit that declaw surgery is not in the cats interest and not something that should be performed in a country where it is widespread is a bold move, it shows that the animals welfare is given a higher priority than profit margins and that is the kind of practice I would want to take my pets to.

Supporting a no declaw veterinary surgery is voting for an end to the suffering for millions of defenseless cats, I hope that everyone reading this review will do that by using The Pet Doctor.

Louise B.