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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

We understand just how much this unprecedented time is impacting you, your teams, your clients, and your hospitals. To support your efforts, we have set up a COVID-19 resource hub. Check our website and Facebook page regularly as new resources launch.


COVID-19 and Curbside: Client Communication Survival Guide

Fear Free Curbside Service

Oh No, Please Don’t Go! Pet Behavioral Wellbeing in Times of Change

At-Home Fitness Tips with Dr. Evan Antin

Training as Enrichment: Your Questions Answered

How Not to Be My Patient: Secrets for staying healthy and the healing power of fur, fins & feathers

Welcome Back to Business As Unusual: Practicing Tomorrow’s Veterinary Medicine Today

Training Online in Real Time: A Demonstration

A Fear Free Look at Canine Noise Aversion and Feline House Soiling

The Silver Lining: COVID-19 Unexpected Best Practices

Training as Enrichment: Basic Skills

Healthy Practice, Healthy People

Our Collective Vulnerability

Taking Your Training Services Online

Now You’re Here, Now You’re Not: Preparing Your Pet for Yet Another Change

Don’t Just Survive, But Thrive! Practice Management Tips During COVID-19 & Beyond

Cultivating Healthy Resilience

Fear Free Home Spaw Days

Practicing Self-Compassion During the Pandemic

Pandemic Puppies: Puppy Socialization During a Disease Outbreak

Will COVID-19 Impact My Value in the Job Market?

DIY Enrichment: Keeping Dogs from Climbing the Walls

How to Be a Leader in Times of Crisis: Practicing Fear Free During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19: Infection Prevention Is Everyone’s Business

5 Essential Leadership and Communication Tips to Survive and Thrive Through COVID-19

Fear Free Veterinary Medicine During COVID-19

Proactive Practices for Preventing and Alleviating Fear, Anxiety, Stress & Pain in Times of COVID-19

Euthanasia in the Time of Coronavirus: Providing, Protecting, Preserving


Veterinarians and Their Teams Prove Heroic During Coronavirus Pandemic

Fauci Talks Treatments, Vaccines at AVMA

Infectious Diseases are Scary, Disinfection Doesn’t Have to Be

A Season and a Teachable Moment for Veterinary Medicine

A Pet Parent’s Guide to COVID-19

Fear Free at Home: Helping Dogs With Separation Anxiety

Crisis Communication: Tips for Calming Pet Owners

Can Special Music for Cats Reduce Their Stress at the Clinic?

Opioid Options: Ways to Manage Pet Pain When There’s a Drug Shortage


Fear Free COVID-19 Canine Considerations



What Is a Pandemic?

What Are Outbreaks?

Zoonotic Diseases


Cleaning & Disinfection

Evolving in Real Time: The Art of Practicing Medicine in the COVID-19 Era

Adapting to a New Normal in the Face of COVID-19: Behavioral Health Solutions and Zylkene

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