COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

We understand just how much this unprecedented time is impacting you, your teams, your clients, and your hospitals. To support your efforts, we have set up a COVID-19 resource hub. Check our website and Facebook page regularly as new resources launch.


Caring for Caregivers: The Three Areas Crucial to Mental Wellbeing

COVID-19 and Curbside: Client Communication Survival Guide

Fear Free Curbside Service

Oh No, Please Don’t Go! Pet Behavioral Wellbeing in Times of Change

At-Home Fitness Tips with Dr. Evan Antin

Training as Enrichment: Your Questions Answered

How Not to Be My Patient: Secrets for staying healthy and the healing power of fur, fins & feathers

Welcome Back to Business As Unusual: Practicing Tomorrow’s Veterinary Medicine Today

Training Online in Real Time: A Demonstration

A Fear Free Look at Canine Noise Aversion and Feline House Soiling

The Silver Lining: COVID-19 Unexpected Best Practices

Training as Enrichment: Basic Skills

Healthy Practice, Healthy People

Our Collective Vulnerability

Taking Your Training Services Online

Now You’re Here, Now You’re Not: Preparing Your Pet for Yet Another Change

Don’t Just Survive, But Thrive! Practice Management Tips During COVID-19 & Beyond

Cultivating Healthy Resilience

Fear Free Home Spaw Days

Practicing Self-Compassion During the Pandemic

Pandemic Puppies: Puppy Socialization During a Disease Outbreak

Will COVID-19 Impact My Value in the Job Market?

DIY Enrichment: Keeping Dogs from Climbing the Walls

How to Be a Leader in Times of Crisis: Practicing Fear Free During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19: Infection Prevention Is Everyone’s Business

5 Essential Leadership and Communication Tips to Survive and Thrive Through COVID-19

Fear Free Veterinary Medicine During COVID-19

Proactive Practices for Preventing and Alleviating Fear, Anxiety, Stress & Pain in Times of COVID-19

Euthanasia in the Time of Coronavirus: Providing, Protecting, Preserving


Caring for Caregivers: The Three Areas Crucial to Mental Wellbeing

Veterinarians and Their Teams Prove Heroic During Coronavirus Pandemic

Fauci Talks Treatments, Vaccines at AVMA

Infectious Diseases are Scary, Disinfection Doesn’t Have to Be

A Season and a Teachable Moment for Veterinary Medicine

A Pet Parent’s Guide to COVID-19

Fear Free at Home: Helping Dogs With Separation Anxiety

Crisis Communication: Tips for Calming Pet Owners

Can Special Music for Cats Reduce Their Stress at the Clinic?

Opioid Options: Ways to Manage Pet Pain When There’s a Drug Shortage


Fear Free COVID-19 Canine Considerations



What Is a Pandemic?

What Are Outbreaks?

Zoonotic Diseases


Cleaning & Disinfection

Evolving in Real Time: The Art of Practicing Medicine in the COVID-19 Era

Adapting to a New Normal in the Face of COVID-19: Behavioral Health Solutions and Zylkene

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