Facebook Wall and Cover Photos

Social Graphics and Facebook Cover Photos for Fear Free Certified Professionals

Shareable Graphics

Finding good content to share on social media can sometimes be a challenge. Our shareable social graphics will let you entertain and inform your followers while also spotlighting your team members who are certified in delivering a Fear Free experience to pets. New photos every month!



Graphics and Facebook Cover Photos for Fear Free Certified Veterinary Technicians/Nurses

General Graphics

Cover Photos

In addition to getting your practice on board and implementing Fear Free tactics, it’s also important to let your clients know about your certification. As a practice, having a Fear Free Professional on staff sets you apart from the competition and that deserves to be recognized. Use these Facebook cover photos to show off your newly certified staff members on your practice’s Facebook page!

Love – Comfort – Compassion Facebook Covers for Certified Professionals

Kitten with toy heart
White puppy laughing
Kitten with bunny
Dog with head on pillow
Gentle hand petting sleeping kitten

Facebook Video Cover

Use this dynamic video cover on your Facebook page to set you apart!

To add a Facebook Cover Video:

  1. Log into FB admin account on laptop/desktop (mobile devices don’t allow this feature yet)
  2. Upload the video to the video section on your FB page
  3. Click on Change Cover and select “Choose From Videos” from the dropdown menu
  4. Select your video file to upload it to your page
  5. Once video is uploaded, you may need to re-position it a bit to align vertically centered
  6. Click “Save”

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