Fear Free Certification Level 3 Overview

The Fear Free Certification Level 3 Course

Take your Fear Free education to the next level with the Level 3 certification course. This course strives to enhance your existing knowledge while also providing you with new concepts and ideas to begin implementing in your hospital. Pets spend a small amount of their lives in the veterinary hospital. For pets to live Fear Free lives, you need to become the trusted source of knowledge about animal behavior and educate your clients on how they can provide a Fear Free Happy Home for their pets. This course will teach you up-to-date humane (and Fear Free) techniques for addressing normal pet behavior challenges as well as introduce you to preventive behavior services you can offer in your hospital.

This program consists of five modules, which will need to be taken in consecutive order. Each module will end with an exam that needs to be successfully completed prior to moving on to the next module. Progress on work can be saved at any time, giving participants the flexibility to self-pace throughout the program.

The Level 3 course is available in two ways:

It is included in the $99 annual renewal fee for those heading into their third year of certification. Read more about annual renewals here.

Like all veterinary courses, Level 3 will be immediately available to all team members of a Fear Free Certified Practice once they complete the Practice Certification process. Read more about Practice Certification here.

Questions? We Have Answers!

What does it take to become certified?

Fear Free certification requires professionals to successfully complete the online certification program. The online certification program is eight modules long with a twenty-question quiz at the end of each module that a professional must receive an 80% or better on in order to move forward.

Who should become certified?

If you are a veterinary professional who would like to create a calming experience for your patients, enhance the quality of medicine in your practice, increase compliance, and improve safety for your team, the Fear Free Certification Program is for you. Although the course is geared towards clinical settings, any pet professional could benefit from becoming certified.

Why should I become certified?

As a veterinary and pet professional, you have joined this profession to look after the well-being of pets. Fear Free will give you the opportunity to not only look after the physical, but the emotional well-being of your patients. Your clients will realize what a difference in experience a Fear Free visit is, and will start looking for Fear Free certified professionals. Pet owners can find Fear Free certified professionals in our online directory and you will want to make sure you are part of that listing!

Can practices become Fear Free certified?

The Fear Free Practice Certification launched in April 2018. For more information on practice certification, click here.

Who created the Fear Free certification program?

The Fear Free Certification Program modules were created by members of the Fear Free Executive Committee and highly regarded experts in the field, including board-certified veterinary behaviorists, veterinary technician behavior specialists, board certified veterinary anesthetists, well-known veterinary practice management experts, and boarded veterinary practitioners experienced in Fear Free methods.

Once certified, how can I let my community know I am Fear Free certified?

Fear Free certified professionals will be allowed to use the Fear Free certification logo on lab coats, business cards, and on the practice’s website. A RACE approved certificate of completion can also be printed and used for display. In addition, Fear Free will provide practices with poster artwork, a press template, and other Fear Free design items to use at the practice’s disposal.

Is the Fear Free Certification Program RACE approved?

Yes! It is RACE approved for 9 hours of CE.

I am a student – how do I register for the Certification Program?

Fear Free values the veterinary student community and is pleased to offer a complimentary membership to Fear Free, including the Fear Free Certification Program, for one year. If you are an active student and are interested in becoming Fear Free certified, please visit the Student Page.

Who should be the person purchasing a group?

Groups are set up in a way that the person that creates the account and purchases the group is assigned a group leader role. A group leader is the only person on a team that is able to purchase registrations, assign courses to group members and edit group member information. A group leader is also automatically assigned whichever course you purchase – so one slot of each course you purchase will go to the group leader to take.

As veterinary professionals, we strive to strengthen the human-animal bond. Fear Free gives us the tools to do so, and the Level 3 course is the perfect next step in expanding those tools—-not only for the care we give our patients, but also in how we connect and communicate with our clients around that care.

Tabitha Kucera, RVT