Dale Ward

 Dale's Dog Training Academy LLC
PO Box 67, South Mills, NC 27976 US
202 Spencers Avenue South Mills North Carolina 27976 US
Why is training so important? More dogs are euthanized every year due to behavior problems than for any other reason. This startling statistic shows that owners who do not train their dogs simply give up on them up out of frustration. Chewing, digging, urinating and defecating in the house, jumping up, nipping, all of these behaviors are solvable and manageable with good, consistent, positive training. The knowledge you will take home from our lessons will be invaluable to you and your dog throughout your lifetime together. You will learn how to communicate with your dog, how to make your dog understand what you want from him or her. We so often forget to reward good behavior and so easily focus on the bad. Through our training, you will learn that the positive approach is faster, easier and far more effective!
We serve southeast VA and northeast NC!!!

“We feel so lucky to have found Dale’s Dog Training Academy! We signed up for in-home private lessons and could not be happier with the results. We have been so impressed with how knowledgeable, professional and caring she is. She uses POSITIVE training methods and they ABSOLUTELY work! We can get our puppy to settle on her mat while we eat our dinner in peace, have her sit while we put our shoes on, open doors and so much more!”

“Dale has been working with me since Maisie was 10 weeks old. I’m happy to say that now at 5 months, Maisie has “graduated” and well on her way. She’s become so fun to play with, and I give Dale all the credit for helping me incorporate Maisie into our household. Dale kept me calm through the worst of the puppy phases and gave me exercises that Maisie loved to complete in between training sessions. I’m so excited to see the wonderful dog Maisie is becoming. I highly recommend Dale and her training practices for any stage you’re in.”