Eleni Dimou

Kyprou 4, 56626, Thessaloniki, Greece
4 Κύπρου Συκιές 566 26 GR

VeticalCare is a friendly and modern veterinary center that focuses on providing high quality and companionate veterinary care to dogs, cats and small animals.

Our team and our specialized partners, through a wide range of services and solutions, are in a position to reliably cover simple and complex needs for the good health and welfare of our four-legged friends.

Our love for the animals and our passion for the science of veterinary medicine are the key factors that drive our services to be upgraded through ongoing training and adoption of innovative and proven practices. Our constant development is solely to provide the best possible veterinary care for the welfare of our beloved pets.

Kiki Karaiskou
The best you can find for caring for your pets. I highly recommend

Maria Lafazanh
Here all the animals are in the best hands !!!

Dialekti Avramidi
In addition to a good friend she is the best veterinarian! Her scientific knowledge and love for animals combine to be quiet about the health of our four-legged friends. When we go to Helen, the tail is shivering like a madman knows he’ll get treats, he knows he’ll hear sweet words, and whatever it is, we’ll deal with it, because she has the way, the way every veterinarian should have, patience , knowledge and love

Google Reviews

Pinelopi Piperopoulou
We love her too and Zoubi (Westie) too. Good doctor. After each test, it gives snacks and immediately forgets the unpleasant fact of a vaccine and we leave happily.

Γωγω Μαζιτζη
An amazing doctor and above all humans, with great love for animals, makes you feel safe. In addition, her office shines from cleanliness. I highly recommend it.

Gregory Golias
very good doctor! I left happy from day one! I fondly recommend…

Eleni Koufoudaki
Very good and convenient veterinarian.

giorgio garipis mesie
The veterinary services it offers are of a high standard. Exceptional! Well done!