Jacqui Pace

 Laika Pet Training
Kew VIC 3101, Australia
29 Peel Street Kew Victoria 3101 AU
 Trainer, Dog Walker

Laika Pet Training are here to help your pet have a more wonderful life with you, and while you’re away. Training is a pillar of your pet’s happiness, health and bond with you. Whether it’s settling in a new puppy, brushing up on their doggy manners, having fun together with trick training, addressing ‘problem’ behaviours, or taking them out for some fun while you’re away – we can help!


We use and promote reward based training. There are other popular names for this type of training such as positive reinforcement, force free, fear free, or clicker training.

What does that mean? We use rewards to motivate pets to behave appropriately in their human-centric worlds (or to change unwanted behaviours). We seek to understand their body language and behaviour, and use training and management to address underlying causes and motivations for unwanted behaviours, stress or aggression.

We keep up to date with the evolving science, practices, and perspectives on animal training and behaviour through courses, books and seminars.There is a science and an art to dog training, but we believe all owners can learn to train their animal using these methods.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to training, and we work with owners and the animals to find something that works for them.

We never use force, fear, intimidation, pain or discomfort to train animals. These practices are shown to be not only less effective than reward based training, but may lead to anxiety, phobias and aggression.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

I really appreciated that Laika’s training program was tailored specifically to my staffy’s needs and adapted to his speed of learning. All the staff at Laika are professionally trained, and their knowledge was excellent and communicated well. Their care and attention was invaluable. They have my unconditional recommendation.

Look no further… Laika is number one for home visits! I wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone who needs cat-minding whilst away. The service I have received is always professional, prompt and sharply focused on the specific needs of my cats.
In addition to feeding, refreshing water, litter tray cleaning, stimulating playtime and brushing/cuddling sessions, the crew at Laika are confident to attend to specific pet medication needs – such as administering pills or asthma puffer medication (yes, this is a thing for some cats!). The text message updates with photos give me further peace of mind, confirming that my cats are happy and well-looked after during my absence. They get so much affection and attention from Laika, I often wonder if they even miss me!
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Just amazing; and so reliable. My partner and I work full time so we needed someone to walk (and spend time) with our spoodle puppy during business hours. After having mixed experiences with other organisations, we were lucky enough to meet Stacey of Laika who has been absolutley fantastic. Not only is Stacey incredibly kind, flexible and always happy to accomodate our changing schedules, she is a qualified obedience trainer! Our pup now has someone to walk her daily, play with her and train her (for a very reasonable fee). We can’t image life without the support of Stacey (and of course, Laika) and we are so, so grateful (and our spoodle adores her – proof below!)