Keli Bolstad

 Pet Pals
2522 West 41st Street #185, Sioux Falls, SD, USA
3312 South Lincoln Avenue Sioux Falls South Dakota 57105 US
 Trainer, Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Other (Non-Veterinary)

Pet care, dog walking, and dog mentor experts in the Sioux Empire committed to making people and pets’ lives easier, healthier, and happier. Your Pet Will Thank You! Pet Pals core value is to give back to our community!

Over the years we’ve celebrated marriages, babies, new pets, new jobs, and so much more with Clients. Pet Pals has “saved the day” countless times and been with some families longer than most daycare providers, counselors, mentors, etc. 2019 continued the adventure and was a year of impressive numbers. This means driving over 30,000 miles with more than 3,600 dog walks, pet visits, and other Pet Pals’ services! To accomplish this; Pet Pals’ was available 24/7 and worked countless hours being there when needed for everything from our services, to answering and solving your pet related questions/concerns, or just to let you in your house when you got locked out. Still, our greatest pride is in Pet Pals being a local family business and that for many of our Clients, this Pet Pals business is family!

In 2019, like each year before, Pet Pals went beyond unsurpassed service to people and their pets to also serve our Community. With a strong track record and commitment to our community and giving back, Pet Pals gives time and money in support of local people and pets. For example, Pet Pals’ “Help A Pet In Need” drive supporting local non profit agencies that work tirelessly at improving pet lives has raised around $15,000 in combined cash and other donations over the years with this year’s going to Sioux Empire Pit Rescue. Pet Pals also gives directly to people in our community through our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. Pet Pals is involved and gives year-round to fundraisers, non-profits, being a animal foster family and more, because being the best for our Clients is simply not enough.

In 2019 people were busy, they lived and worked the lives they wanted, and still had that cared for and loved pet(s) that they want and deserve. More importantly, with Pet Pals in 2019, people had cared for and loved pets in a way that made their lives easier! At Pet Pals, we say “Your Pet will Thank you!” and surely they do; yet beyond that, Pet Pals thanks you! Thank you for your support. Thank you for the dreams you have, the motivation to see them become reality, and the will to maintain a high quality of life for your pet(s) at the same time. Thank you for being part of something that is making a positive difference in people’s and pet’s lives. With the hope that you are enjoying the holidays with family and friends while taking some time to relax and recharge, thank you for a fabulous 2019!

From reflection to repeat, Pet Pals has complete confidence in our ability to continue this momentum into 2020. Beyond continuing to be the best option for Pet Parents that want unsurpassed services exceeding their needs and supports their increasingly complex lifestyles; Pet Pals will continue to give back to our community. With 2019 ending yet another year of many in Pet Pals’ history and 2020 representing the first of many more years to come; Pet Pals looks forward to continue being a leader within our pet community, a positive part of our Clients lives, and making a meaningful difference to both! As such, we look forward to working with you on the opportunities that lie ahead in 2020. Here’s to an amazing 2020 filled with ever loving and ever happier People and pets!