Kristine Peters

 Gamble Pet Clinic
2108 Midpoint Dr #4, Fort Collins, CO 80525
2108 Midpoint Drive Fort Collins Colorado 80525 US

“We brought my pup in today because she had some wounds on both of her feet. Dr Peter’s or peterson, cant remember, was amazing. The most kind and genuinely concerned vet I’ve ever been to. When they brought our pup Maria out, she explained everything that she did, and when she was done talking I knelt down to kiss on my pup thinking she was going to walk away and move on to the next appointment. But she waited there until I was done kissing on my pup so she could! I just thought it was the sweetest thing. They are not my normal vet, my normal vet didn’t have any openings, but I will definitely be switching. Thank you for being so sweet to my fur kid.”