Laura Garber

 WoofGang LLC
Collingswood, NJ 08108, United States
North Atlantic Avenue Collingswood New Jersey 08108 US

I believe strongly in strengthening the bond between human and companion animal. For this reason, I regard training as an exercise in building relationship rather than obedience. Such an approach promises greater understanding and symbiosis within our family packs. My training methodology applies positive reinforcement techniques. Reward-based training is an effective and non-aversive way of learning for dogs. It facilitates the acquisition of new behavior without causing fear or anxiety. I specialize in behavior modification for leash reactivity, fear-based behaviors, separation anxiety, and resource guarding, as well as basic relationship training. Let me help you develop effective and accurate communication between you and your canine companion.


It is with great pleasure that I write [… a] recommendation in support of Ms. Laura Garber. […] My own special-needs dog, “Shorty” […] is a young male mixed breed dog from the Caribbean, who suffers from documented PTSD, and has been a difficult and unpredictable member of our family since I acquired him. […] Within a month of beginning training [with Laura], we began to see a glimmer of hope. She worked with Shorty for over a year, and in that time, he has become a different dog. He can socialize safely in many situations, his anxiety and anger levels have become manageable and most importantly, I feel like he now has a good quality of life, perhaps for the first time ever. I am convinced that without her intervention, Shorty would not be with us today. Laura’s method of training involves compassion, kindness, boundary setting and appropriate discipline, and is fully in line with the accepted method of training set forth in veterinary medicine.”

Dr. Darlene Fletcher, DVM (excerpted from a longer letter of recommendation)


So lucky to have found Laura to work with our rescue, Carson! Realizing we needed help with fear issues while walking and training to strengthen our bond with Carson, Laura provided the direction we needed to help him and create a better home environment. Laura’s knowledge and explanations of how and why the methods work made a difference after the first meeting. Just seeing Carson respond to Laura’s friendly and positive way she worked with him was great. The experience was educational and fun and I highly recommend Laura; she’s great at what she does and can truly make a difference!

Denise & Brian Sparks, Laurel Springs, NJ, Carson’s human family



We want to thank you for how much you have done, so far, for Ollie. You suggested doggie day care, the ThunderShirt and Gentle Leader, and to get Ollie a “sibling”, Stanley. These things, along with the behavior exercises you have taught us, have made a world of difference. We may not have been able to live with him otherwise. It made a tremendous difference in his behavior and in our lives. And we are now able to get Stanley off to a great start, much earlier than Ollie. We will work with both as often as possible, and we will have you back to reinforce owner training, which will likely be the biggest issue! Thank you again for all the help!!”

Sandy & Lloyd London, Bensalem, PA, Ollie’s & Stanley’s human family