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Fear Free Certified Professionals are a cut above the rest when it comes to caring for your best friend. Having completed 9 hours of veterinary education with stringent testing and annual continued education requirements, our Fear Free certified professionals not only look out for your pets’ physical health, but also their emotional well-being. Whether you are looking for a veterinary or pet services professional who knows how to handle a fearful, anxious, or stressed out pet, or you simply want the best care possible for your four-legged friend, a Fear Free Certified Professional is here to help.

Job Title
Certification Level
 Weston Woden Animal Hospital
Bella Lomax |  Technician Student
Kambah, ACT 2902, AU 6.83 mi
 Inner South Vet Centre
Narrabundah, ACT 2604, AU 12.57 mi
 Northside Veterinary Centre
Braddon, ACT 2612, AU 15.56 mi
 Northside Veterinary Centre
Emma Lee |  Veterinarian
Braddon, ACT 2612, AU 15.56 mi
 Animal Industries Resource Centre
Ainslie, ACT 2602 AU 16.34 mi
 Brudine Veterinary Hospital
Jessica Winsall |  Veterinarian
Charnwood, ACT 2615, AU 18.95 mi
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