Fear Free Helps Abused Dog Become a Lucky Penny

By Dr. Marty Becker

Penny is a tiny female Pomeranian who was rescued from an abusive home. She is very anxious and fearful. This was her first visit to our hospital, and I was determined to make it a wonderful one, so we pulled out all the stops.

Penny came in on Trazadone. We saw her in exam room five, which has lots of space, allowing Penny and her owner, Susan, to relax into the room. They listened to calming music while Penny breathed in soothing pheromones for ten minutes before the nurse went into the room.

We sent Penny home with chill pills and a food puzzle, and scheduled her next visit to pull retained baby teeth and implant a microchip.

Watch the slideshow to see the incredible progression of this precious pooch from violently shaking in her mom’s lap, to taking treats, to sleeping in her mom’s lap, to wanting to cuddle with me.