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Fear Free Home Spaw Days

Fear Free Home Spaw Days

While your favorite groomer is temporarily closed, you may need to do some basic grooming on your dog yourself. Dogs can develop problems related to brushing, mat removal, nail trims, hair in the eyes, and eye discharges in just a few weeks.

Presented by Fear Free Certified trainer and groomer Daniel Josselyn-Creighton, KPA CTP, this webinar will help you to:

  • Introduce new pieces of equipment (brushes, clippers, etc.) and procedures (baths, brushing, and nail trims) to your dog in a safe, fear-free manner.
  • Teach your dog impulse control games to help them be more comfortable sitting still for simple procedures.
  • Perform basic grooming tasks: brushing, bathing, trimming hair, and nails.
  • Use the FAS scale to know when you can continue with a procedure, when you need to proceed with caution, and when you need to stop and give your dog a break.

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