Pet Owner Materials

Pet Owner Materials

This collection of client education and communication materials will help to ensure that your client and their pet is prepared for every part of their Fear Free visit.

How to Make the Trip to the Veterinary Hospital Fear Free

Use this handout to educate your clients on ways that they can prepare their pet and themselves for a successful trip to your hospital.

How to Prepare Your Pet for a Veterinary Visit

This handout guide explains ways that your client can prepare their pet for a successful Fear Free visit.

How to Pill Your Pet With Kindness

Use this handout to guide your clients in training their pet to take the oral medications you prescribe in a Fear Free manner.

Giving Medications to Your Pet: How to Put the Treat Into Treatment

This handout guide explains to your client how to properly give the medications you prescribe to their pets in the Fear Free way.

10 Things That Make Fear Free Veterinary Visits Different

Use this handout to show your clients how a Fear Free visit will change the way they, and their pet, will view going to the vet.

10 Things Your Veterinary Team Should Know About Your Pet

Give this handout to your clients prior to an appointment to ensure they are prepared to give you the information you need for a Fear Free visit.