Putting the “Treat” Into “Treatment”: Inside the Fear Free Treat Ladder

When you think of a happy dog or a blissful cat, often images of a treat-spoiled dog or cat basking in the presence of some catnip come to mind. And it’s true. Cats and dogs love those things. But when used in the right context, these seemingly simple little joys can be more than just recreational forms of happiness for our best friends. When it comes to reducing fear, anxiety, and stress in our pets during veterinary visits, the right use of treats and other tactics can make for powerful tools. In this podcast, featuring Dr. Natalie Marks of Blum Animal Hospital and Dr. John Talmadge of Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic, we talk about the treat ladder’s literal role in creating a Fear Free veterinary visit as well as its part in the larger Fear Free ideology and approach.