With March 2017 quickly approaching, Fear Free Certification is nearing its one-year anniversary for many of our Fear Free certified professionals. Here are two action items for Fear Free Certified professionals to ensure you continued Fear Free Certified status and access to our community and resources:

1. 4 hours of Fear Free CE

Remember to log your ongoing Fear Free CE. Those 4 hours can be obtained by accessing additional online Fear Free CE, such as module 8, or the Kittens and Puppies course. Alternatively, you can log CE for attending Fear Free tracks at any of the major conferences, regional meetings, Fear Free symposia or offered webinars.

2. Renewal Fee

Your renewal fee is due at your one-year anniversary of signing up for your Fear Free Certification. Look out for reminder emails and instructions on how to pay your renewal fee. Note that we have adjusted our renewal fee to meet the needs of our professionals: We cut renewal fees by almost 2/3 to $99/per person or what you paid at initial registration, whichever is LOWER. This is applicable to individuals and groups.

10 Reasons of why every Fear Free certified professional needs to renew:
  1. It’s the right thing to do. Fear Free helps professionals deliver better care to their patients by looking after the physical and emotional well-being of their patients.
  2. It’s a certification employers value and it will thus increase your value as a team member.
  3. It has proven to increase job satisfaction – don’t you want to love what you do and continue to do so? (as per the Fear Free study completed in October 2016)
  4. It makes financial sense. For only $99, you will continue to attract an increased number of new clients, increase your client compliance and the frequency of visits (as per the Fear Free study completed in October 2016).
  5. It provides you with preferential pricing on products and services you and your clients value.
  6. It’s a mandatory standard to qualify for practice certification. If your practice wants to apply for practice certification in 2018 and take advantage of a flat fee for unlimited team member access, a minimum of 25% of team members need to be Fear Free Certified and active.
  7. It’s the way clients will find you. With Fear Free launching its consumer outreach in mid-2017, pet owners will actively be looking for Fear Free Certified professionals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be listed in the Fear Free directory and to attract new clients.
  8. It will provide you with a brand new Fear Free RACE approved CE course – Level 2 will cover advanced handling skills, most common procedures done Fear Free, in-hospital procedures, dental, radiology, boarding, marketing, communications and finance. All that included in your $99 renewal fee.
  9. It’s the only way you can keep your access to ongoing educational materials, toolbox items and the Fear Free online community. Your renewal not only provides you with the Level 2 course, but also continued access to the newest research, training videos, pet owner handouts, and more.
  10. It’s your opportunity to be at the forefront of veterinary medicine and to help shape the future of our profession.