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Understanding Medical Conditions and Pain

Infectious Conditions: What Trainers Need to Know

Proactive and Preventive Training

Feline Destructive Scratching Solutions

Developing the Fear Free Plan of Action for Patient Care

Podcast CE: Fear Free Scheduling and Marketing Your Certification Online

Podcast CE: The Role of Technicians, Treats and More in Fear Free

Upcoming Credit Courses

Non-Infectious Conditions, Pain, and Stress

Although animal trainers can typically recognize the external signs of an animal in serious pain or distress, they are not necessarily aware of what’s going on inside the animal’s body and how it can affect their behavior. This module will discuss common conditions, as well as take an in-depth look at pain management strategies, and the effects of pain and stress on an animal.
Trainer Courses | Launching Summer 2019

Partnering with Veterinary Professionals

Many trainers are interested in partnering with veterinary practices, but are unsure where to begin. This module will provide resource for trainers who wish to either introduce the concept of Fear Free to a veterinary practice or collaborate with a Fear Free veterinary practice.
Trainer Courses | Launching Fall 2019

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