Level 2 Kit

Fear Free Level 2 Certified Patch × 2

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Fear Free Treat Pouch

Treats are big part of Fear Free. Not only can they be a powerful and effective tool in reducing fear, anxiety, and stress, but also a highly visible point of interaction to the client. Giving treats can spark important dialogue about Fear Free and its importance to you and the pet. A Fear Free Treat Pouch opens up more opportunities to share information about your certification.

Each order consists of a single treat pouch

Dimensions: 5 x 5.25 x .75'' (w x h x d)

This item is not available at the moment.

Consumer Tri-Fold Brochure × 3

Use this brochure to educate clients on what Fear Free is, the signs of stress, ways they can prepare for their visit, and how a Fear Free veterinary visit will be unlike anything they have experienced before.

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