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The Fear Free Preferred Product Program (PPP) is designed to provide Fear Free Certified Professionals access to products and services that are aligned with Fear Free protocols, procedures, and recommendations. As Fear Free Certified Professionals implement Fear Free in their workplace, gaining access to the below listed products and services will facilitate and speed up that process. The Fear Free Preferred Product Program is reviewed and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure that the products and solutions we select continue to meet the needs of our Fear Free community.

Assisi Animal Health is passionate about creating innovative drug-free solutions for difficult to treat conditions in animals. We are committed to developing rigorously researched products that help animals lead lives free of pain, fear and anxiety. As the world’s leader in developing veterinary applications of tPEMF therapy, our products are easy to use at-home, safe and effective in hospital, opioid sparing and well-liked by patients.

BabelBark® offers a digital platform where pet parents, pet care services, and veterinary professionals can connect in an ecosystem of care. BabelBark keeps pet parents engaged in the age of technology and allows pet businesses to monetize and generate new revenue streams. BabelBark offers three solutions: the BabelBark Mobile App for Pet Parents™, BizBark® for pet services and shelters, and BabelVet® for veterinary clinics – to connect everyone in a pet’s life in one place.

Bella VMS has a line of hospital mats to increase patient safety and comfort. The Bella Bed is made of a scratch- and puncture-resistant material that can be wiped down with a standard disinfectant between patients. It provides a secure and clean space for the patient during exams, treatment, and recovery.

Brandi Music provides licensed music streams for businesses and has been selected as part of the Fear Free® Preferred Product Program. The Brandi Music Pet Care Channel can be combined with other easy-listening instrumental channels to give pet care professionals a source of legal, licensed background music designed to ease pet anxiety.

We are dedicated in providing quality products to veterinarians, humane societies, and animal control agencies across the United States. Focusing on safety, sanitation, convenience, and habitat enrichment, we offer products that not only benefit the animal in your care but offer caregivers a quality they will appreciate.

At CASCO Pet, we specialize in manufacturing pet habitats that improve and support animal welfare. Our Veterinary Clinical Housing Range is suitable for cats, dogs, small animals and reptiles. The unique glass housing creates an inviting, calming environment for pets to recover as quickly as possible.

DoggyStat is an all-natural dietary supplement that rapidly resolves acute canine diarrhea. A single dose typically stops diarrhea in 12 to 24 hours. DoggyStat is antibiotic-free with no known side effects or overdose risk, making it an effective, safe, and convenient option for dogs of all ages and sizes.

The Ezee-Visit Pet Vet Mat is an innovative product designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. Designed to stabilize pets during vet visits, a pet owner or veterinarian can provide the mat to give pets secure footing on all clinic surfaces, such as stainless steel or other types of exam tables, tile floors, and scales. The result is a more relaxed pet, veterinarian, pet owner, and a better quality vet visit.

Hippo Manager is the largest independently owned, cloud-based veterinary practice management software provider in the U.S. We provide SOAP notes/medical records, scheduling, reporting, point of sale, inventory, reminders, payment processing, and more. It’s great for practicing medicine your way and building a strong a business.

It’s all about the music! Since 2008, the beautiful classical music of Through a Dog/Cat’s Ear has been used around the world to help pets calm and settle. This specially designed music is available with portable iCalm players on Micro SD cards, CDs, or by streaming. iCalm Players come pre-loaded with 3-4 hours of music and are perfect for treatment rooms, grooming facilities, kennels, and homes.

Lenderking Caging Products has been protecting pets for over 150 years. We manufacturer a complete line of high quality and innovative animal housing for veterinary practices that promote animal welfare and more.

Use the Lick Lick Pad with any spreadable food to make washing and grooming easy and fun while reducing fear, anxiety, and stress. Sticks to any flat/polished surface in your home. 100% food-grade silicone and PBA-free.

At PawsTime, pets are our passion, too! We focus exclusively on on-hold messaging campaigns for veterinary practices. With affordable monthly packages, effortless implementation and a concierge approach to service, PawsTime makes the process a breeze from start to finish.

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Pet Pawse® is a revolutionary new treat for dogs that contributes to your healthy, stress-free environment. Our patented design alleviates fear, anxiety and stress by engaging dogs in an enjoyable, calming activity. Keep dogs occupied and content with a hands-free, mess-free, long-lasting treat. Improve the experience. Every dog. Every time.

Shor-Line is an international, family-owned company dedicated to improving the lives of companion animals since 1927. We developed the famous Shor-Line cages more than 60 years ago, and we’ve been continually improving them ever since. We first created Shor-Line Low Stress products a decade ago to help with pet stress.

Sleepypod is a revolutionary product for your pet’s safety and comfort. The Sleepypod mobile pet bed allows a pet to travel safely in the comfort of its own bed, thereby reducing travel-related stress because the Sleepypod is already a trusted part of its everyday life. Sleepypod is three products in one: a carrier, a pet bed, and a safe car seat. The Sleepypod has won numerous awards, including the top rating from the Center for Pet Safety.

TeleTails is an innovative telemedicine platform that extends trusted relationships between veterinarians and pet owners beyond the walls of an animal hospital. Made for vets, by vets, TeleTails provides medical teams with tools to offer live video consultations, flexible messaging, curbside care, cross-team communication, and payment capabilities to securely and easily connect with pet owners digitally.

UltiGuard Safe Pack is proud to be a part of the Fear Free Preferred Product Program with the only all-in-one syringe product that combines 100-count premium syringes with a sharps container, making safe sharps disposal convenient and affordable. Try us today and you will understand why UltiGuard Safe Pack has been designated a Preferred Fear Free Product.

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