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DoggyStat is an all-natural dietary supplement that rapidly resolves acute canine diarrhea. A single dose typically stops diarrhea in 12 to 24 hours. DoggyStat is antibiotic-free with no known side effects or overdose risk, making it an effective, safe, and convenient option for dogs of all ages and sizes.

DoggyStat is easy to use at home or in the vet clinic. Simply mix one packet of powder in water or food and serve to the dog. Dogs love the taste; it’s a treat!

More targeted than probiotics and less toxic than antibiotics, DoggyStat is a great option to eliminate, or prevent, acute diarrhea. The gentle formula works with a dog’s system to restore gut health by neutralizing common bacterial and viral pathogens (including parvovirus) that are usually the root cause of diarrhea, including diarrhea caused by eating something new or bad, stress from travel or boarding, and much more.

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