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SunTech Medical

SunTech Medical

The SunTech line of veterinary blood pressure and vital signs monitors offers veterinarians a complete blood pressure solution for their clinic. Blood pressure measurement on awake animals doesn’t need to be stressful, which is why SunTech has developed blood pressure monitors that don’t require shaving or gel. These portable and easy to use monitors are able to quickly and quietly get accurate blood pressure measurements on companion animals of all sizes.

The SunTech Vet20 is a spot-check blood pressure monitor that uses SunTech’s motion-tolerant algorithm to measure blood pressure during wellness exams. The SunTech Vet25 was designed for monitoring non-invasive blood pressure before and after procedures. Combining SunTech Medical’s trusted BP technology with pulse oximetry and temperature monitoring, the SunTech Vet30 vital signs monitor gives veterinarians an accurate, portable, and easy to use monitor to perform monitoring on dogs and cats before, during, and after procedures.

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