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UltiGuard Safe Pack

UltiGuard Safe Pack

Find out why the UltiGuard Safe Pack is the #1 veterinarian-recommended insulin syringe.

The UltiGuard Safe Pack is the only all-in-one system to store, dispense, and dispose of pet insulin syringes. This dual-purpose, FDA-cleared sharps container is made from premium puncture- and impact-resistant material, protecting families and communities from accidental needlestick injuries. The UltiGuard Safe Pack contains 100 single-use human-grade U-40 or U-100 insulin syringes with highly polished, silicone-coated needles for a comfortable injection for your diabetic cat or dog.

Benefits include:

  • HOME CARE KIT: A perfect solution for at-home pet insulin administration, complete with a sharps container. This kit is an FDA-cleared sharps container and meets safe needle disposal guidelines in all 50 states.
  • HUMAN-GRADE INSULIN SYRINGES (FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY): Triple-bevel, electromagnetic, polished, silicone-coated needle with bold barrel markings and large barrel flanges for accurate dosing and easy grip and control.
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