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Study shows continued growth in Fear Free Certified® veterinary practices

DENVER, CO (October 14, 2020) – Veterinary practices see continued growth across major industry KPIs after implementing Fear Free techniques, according to a two-year-long study outlined in a special report entitled “The Continual Business Growth of Fear Free Certified Practices.”

Since 2016, Fear Free has provided online and in-person education to more than 85,000 veterinary and pet professionals. By closely listening to the needs of the veterinary profession, Fear Free focuses on emotional wellbeing, enrichment, and the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. Both individuals and veterinary practices can become Fear Free CertifiedÒ.

“I always tell my clients they need to work on their business as well as in their business. Implementing a new program, such as Fear Free, is a perfect example of working on the business,” Louise S. Dunn, founder and CEO of Snowgoose Veterinary Management Consulting said. “Working on the business means measuring if the effort is improving patient care and client service as well as business metrics. This study of data from Fear Free Certified Practices offers information to practices who are either interested in starting or are already implementing Fear Free.”

To identify participants for this study, VetSuccess, a data and analytics company specializing in the delivery of data-driven practice management solutions, matched existing clients to the list of Fear Free Certified Practices. In addition, Fear Free reached out to all other Certified Practices to encourage participation. From these two lists, 25 veterinary practices in the United States and Canada participated in the study.

In addition to 10% growth in number of patients per practice, Fear Free Certified Practices saw a 16% increase in revenue per practice and 8% increase in total invoice value after two years.

Compared to the benchmark practices who don’t utilize Fear Free techniques, Fear Free Certified Practices outperform in every category, including lab, vaccine, and exam revenue.

“Because of the benefits to patients, clients, and veterinary team members, Fear Free lets practices do well by doing good,” said Dr. Marty Becker, founder and CEO of Fear Free. “By providing for animals’ emotional and physical welfare, practices can thrive and not just survive.”

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Founded by Dr. Marty Becker and developed by hundreds of experts in behavior, medicine, and handling, Fear Free offers online and in-person education to veterinary professionals, the pet professional community, animal shelter staff and volunteers, and pet owners. Fear Free provides both professionals and pet lovers alike with the knowledge and tools to look after a pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Veterinary or pet professionals can learn more about becoming Fear Free Certified by visiting Pet owners can visit to access free videos, articles, and more that will help improve the physical and emotional health of their pets right at home. Shelter, rescue, and animal welfare employees and volunteers can visit to enroll in the complimentary program.


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