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The Business of Fear Free: How to Positively Impact Profitability & Practice Value

The Business of Fear Free: How to Positively Impact Profitability & Practice Value

A Fear Free approach to veterinary care is better for our patients, but what about our practices?

This presentation from Michael Hargrove, DVM, MBA, will demonstrate how becoming a Fear Free Certified Practice has business benefits that extend well beyond improved patient care. Every stakeholder in the practice benefits from Fear Free: the patients, the clients, the staff, and the practice owner.

Dr. Hargrove will discuss improved client experience, the development of a clearer brand image for the practice, and increased loyalty from clients, as well as how the change in practice culture improves staff satisfaction, increases employee retention, decreases workplace injury, and boosts employee recruiting. As a certified business appraiser, he also discusses how adopting a Fear Free practice culture can translate to an improved practice value when it comes time to sell.

Dr. Michael Hargrove is the owner of a 7-doctor small animal practice in Duluth, Minnesota. His practice has been AAHA-certified for 41 years and in 2018 became the first Fear Free Certified Practice in Minnesota. Dr. Hargrove is a certified Fear Free Professional and is also Certified in Low Stress Handling and a member of the Fear Free Advisory Group.

Dr. Hargrove also works with Summit Veterinary Advisors as a veterinary management consultant. He has an MBA and is a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) who works primarily with veterinarians who are buying/selling veterinary practices or are looking for more information on how to improve the financial health of their practice. Dr. Hargrove is married with one son and three stepsons as well as three cats and a stepdog.

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