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Podcast CE

Noise Aversion and Nutraceuticals and Behavioral Medicine

Fear of loud or unexpected sounds affects many pets, with thunderstorms or even the vacuum sending them running for cover. Learn about how veterinarians can treat noise phobia, behavioral disorders, and beyond in this podcast CE.

Online CE

Fear Free Companion Animal Euthanasia Course

Every pet’s final visit to the veterinarian should be as Fear Free as the first. In this one-hour module, you will learn how to utilize pre-planning to create a meaningful and low-stress experience for pet and owner. Also explored will be the dangers of compassion fatigue.

Podcast CE

Fear Free Dentistry and In-Clinic Sedation

Over the last few decades, dental health has come to the forefront of veterinary care. Dental care can be one of the most lucrative and effective parts of your business, but how does Fear Free fit in? Find out the answer and more in this podcast CE.

Online CE

Feline Destructive Scratching Solutions

Scratching is a normal, necessary cat behavior, but when directed toward household items, it can become a problem for owners. In this module, you will learn how to help owners halt the problem humanely and effectively, helping keep cats in homes.

Online CE

The Vital Role of Client Services Representatives

As the first and last person the client sees in the veterinary hospital, the client service representative is in an incredibly unique position to educate clients about Fear Free. This module will help clients prepare pets with FAS for visits.

Symposia CE (Recording)

Behavior is Medicine; Fear Free is Better Medicine

Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB, will introduce the science behind fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS), show how Fear Free is better medicine (more accurate TPR, BP, physical exams, blood chemistries, etc.), and outline specific sedation protocols.

Symposia CE (Recording)

Fear Free Doesn’t Cost – It Pay$

Fear Free is your latest and greatest tool to take client loyalty through the roof. Fritz Wood, CPA, CFP, shares best practices on how to evaluate your financial investment and outlines how Fear Free positively affects your bottom line.

Symposia CE (Recording)

Developing the Fear Free Plan of Action for Patient Care

Debbie Martin, LVT, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, VTS (Behavior), shares how knowledge of touch gradient, considerate approach & gentle control are invaluable for procedures causing limited injury or stress to the team & patient.

Symposia CE (Recording)

Success! Proven Fear Free Strategies

Natalie Marks, DVM shares why Fear Free makes clients, your co-workers, yourself, and most importantly the animals you care for happier and healthier. Learn from case studies and best practices in this symposia.

Podcast CE

Implementing Fear Free Into Your Practice

Even the best strategies and ideas will fall flat if you can’t get your staff on board with them. This is especially true when it comes to implementing Fear Free. Learn how to engage your team, and how to best support them.

Podcast CE

Fear Free Scheduling | Marketing Your Certification Online

It’s not just about the how you implement the Fear Free strategies you have learned, but also how you market your certification. Learn how scheduling becomes a pivotal player in a successful Fear Free visit.

Podcast CE

The Role of Technicians, Treats and More in Fear Free

It can often be said that technicians are the backbone of the veterinary clinic. In this two podcast course, we discuss the role of technicians and their importance to Fear Free, and the Fear Free treat ladder.

Podcast CE

Pre-Anesthesia Feeding, ER, Critical Care and Internal Medicine

The fields and practices of emergency, critical care, and internal medicine are a vital part of the profession, and referral practices are often in a world of their own when it comes to many day-to-day practices.

Podcast CE

Podcast CE: Case Studies in Feline and Canine Fear Free Visits

In this podcast CE, check out two powerful case studies with Dakota and Pooka that show just how impactful Fear Free can be for the people and animals that the veterinary industry is dedicated to serving.

Online CE

Welcome to the Module 8: An Implementation Guide for Leaders

Module 8 is an invaluable part of the Fear Free Certification program and can be taken at any point as it provides the tools, processes and structure required to successfully implement Fear Free in practices.

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