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Will COVID-19 Impact My Value in the Job Market?

Will COVID-19 Impact My Value in the Job Market?

Veterinary medicine is an essential business, and although service delivery methods are changing, services continue to be delivered. Practices across the country are responding to this pandemic differently when it comes to hiring. Some are holding off while others are continuing to hire as normal.

This fluctuation in hiring volume is temporary. It does not change the fact that veterinarians remain one of the most in-demand professions in the US, which means your value remains high as well. It’s important you know and understand this as you search for your first career opportunity. Accepting a lower-than-average salary because of current events will impact your earning potential for the rest of your career.

Presenter Paul Diaz, founder of Hire Power Consulting, has over 20 years of experience leading recruiting teams in several industries. In his last corporate position, he led one of the nation’s largest veterinary medical groups to 1,120 DVM hires in just 2 years. He created Hire Power Consulting to focus on helping smaller groups and private practices optimize their recruiting capabilities while helping veterinary professionals secure the best offers for their dream careers.

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