Megan Partlo

Megan attended Olivet College receiving a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, visual arts, and a concentration in biological illustration with a focus in marketing and business. Megan’s drive and passion for helping others led her into an executive directorship position at Clothing INC, a large nonprofit that exists to provide free clothing, opportunities, and community connections to anyone in need through relational and educational care. Her ability to problem-solve, think outside of the box, manage a diverse team, and most importantly put people first, developed a strong foundation toward helping her community. Through team efforts, nearly 2,000 people were provided free clothing each month.

Megan’s drive for making a difference did not end, rather she hoped to find a career focused on her passion for art, using her skills to teach through design. Megan’s love for animals led her to Fear Free, LLC, where she is now able to use her talents and love of design towards the betterment of all animals.

Currently, Megan lives in Michigan with her fiancé and two cats: Puccini (18-years-old), and Catalina (8-year-old calico). Megan spends her time beekeeping, crocheting, painting, rock hunting, building, and brainstorming new ideas to change the world.

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