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Additional Courses Veterinary Professionals

Welcome, Fear Free veterinary professionals! This is where you can earn additional Fear Free CE hours by taking our complimentary RACE-approved courses. Right now, we are hard at work developing some amazing new courses, which will launch in regular intervals and will be available exclusively to you as a benefit of your active membership.

Veterinary Certification Program

  • Reduce or remove anxiety triggers
  • Improve safety for the veterinary team
  • Increase compliance

The Path to a Great Bath

  • Overview of Fear Free Bathing and Positive Reinforcement
  • Introduction to the Tub
  • Modifying the Environment for Success

Fear Free CSR: How You Can Help Prepare Pet Owners

  • The CSRs Role in Pre-Visit
  • Creating the Fear Free Environment
  • How to “Speak Fear Free” to Clients

A Close Look at Canine Enrichment: What, Why and How?

  • Explore enrichment using all the senses
  • Identifying the right balance
  • Enrichment for dogs in various scenarios

Pain Management and Emergency Care

  • Aid your clients in recognizing and understanding their pet’s pain
  • See how you can implement Fear Free in your emergency care

Alone in the Wilderness

  • Understand the dynamics of change
  • Implement change in your practice
  • Address common push-back topics
  • Thrive where you’re planted or transplant to a new garden

The Impact of Pain

  • Define, classify, and and identify pain from different sources
  • Impact on the Human-Animal bond
  • Modern analgesic therapies

Fear Free Dermatology

  • Classical Conditioning and Conditioned Emotional Responses
  • The Ears: Exams and Procedures
  • The Skin: Diagnostic Tests and Procedures
  • Bathing: At Home and In Clinic

Veterinary Certification Program – Avian

  • Fear Free visits for untrained birds
  • Recognizing stress in birds
  • Staff and client education

Veterinary Professional Certification Course | Level 2

  • Advanced animal handling techniques
  • In-hospital care
  • Client communication

Veterinary Professional Certification Course | Level 3

  • Advanced animal handling techniques
  • Preventive behavior services
  • Feline & canine development

Fear Free Nail Trims: Trimming Away the Terror

  • Incorporate Gentle Control, Considerate Approach and touch gradient into nail care
  • Pros and cons of common nail trim tools
  • Describe how and when, to use food distractions or switch to DS-CC for nail trims

Quantifying Pain: Pain Scales and Scoring Systems

  • Fundamentals in measurement
  • Scaling and scoring of pain
  • Treating patients’ pain and suffering more effectively

Emergency and Critical Care

  • Unique challenges & solutions for the ER
  • What a Fear Free ICU looks, smells & sounds like
  • Why reducing FAS in critical patients is a need and not a want

Analgesic Medications and the Pain Pathway

  • Maximizing the efficacy of your analgesic protocols
  • How & where core and adjunctive medications work
  • Importance of multimodal analgesia

Analgesic Protocols for Acute Pain – Case-Based

  • Importance of analgesic protocols
  • Protocols for elective soft-tissue surgery & dentistry
  • Protocols for urgent surgery, trauma & medical conditions

The Business of Pain Management

  • Begin or increase your pain management business
  • Skills to consider learning
  • Ways to acquire new pain patients

Effects and Management of Chronic Pain

  • Causes & effects of chronic pain
  • Case studies
  • Alternative & complementary treatment

Noise Aversion and Nutraceuticals and Behavioral Medicine

  • Diagnosing noise aversion
  • Providing treatment
  • Benefits of nutraceuticals in behavioral therapy

Fear Free Companion Animal Euthanasia Course

  • Create a meaningful, low-stress experience
  • Uses of pre-euthanasia sedation & anesthesia
  • Preventing & alleviating compassion fatigue

Fear Free Dentistry and In-Clinic Sedation

  • Importance of dental care
  • Physiological & medical impacts of stress
  • Benefits of implementing sedation

Feline Destructive Scratching Solutions

  • Natural functions scratching serves for cats
  • Common owner responses & the problems with them
  • Safe, effective alternatives to declawing

The Vital Role of Client Services Representatives

  • Communicating with clients
  • Creating a welcoming experience
  • Advising clients on transporting pets

Behavior is Medicine; Fear Free is Better Medicine

  • Science behind fear, anxiety & stress
  • How Fear Free is better medicine
  • Sedation protocols

Fear Free Doesn’t Cost – It Pay$

  • Taking client loyalty to the next level
  • Evaluating your financial investment
  • How Fear Free positively affect your bottom line

Developing the Fear Free Plan of Action for Patient Care

  • Body language knowledge
  • Touch Gradient, Considerate Approach & Gentle Control
  • Fear Free procedures

Success! Proven Fear Free Strategies

  • Making clients & patients happier & healthier
  • Case studies
  • Best practices

Implementing Fear Free Into Your Practice

  • Engaging your team
  • Process for small & large practices
  • Tactics & techniques that you can start using right away

Fear Free Scheduling | Marketing Your Certification Online

  • Importance of scheduling in creating a Fear Free visit
  • What successful scheduling looks like
  • How to market your certification

The Role of Technicians, Treats and More in Fear Free

  • How technicians play a role in the Fear Free process
  • The right use of treats
  • The treat ladder’s role in creating a Fear Free visit

Pre-Anesthesia Feeding, ER, Critical Care & Internal Medicine

  • New research on pre-anesthesia practices & procedures
  • Issues in the day-to-day practices of emergency, critical care & internal medicine
  • How Fear Free can address these issues

Podcast CE: Case Studies in Feline and Canine Fear Free Visits

  • What Fear Free means from a client’s perspective
  • Dakota the Dog’s experience
  • Pooka the Cat’s experience

Welcome to the Module 8: An Implementation Guide for Leaders

  • Leadership, strategic planning & metrics
  • Human resources & operations
  • Marketing your Fear Free certification

Upcoming Courses

Fear Free Equine

Designed for equine veterinary professionals, and open to anyone interested in Fear Free for horses, this program will teach you how to prevent and eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress in horses to create happier, and more importantly, safer visits.
Launching Spring 2021

Cooperative Care: Chin Rest

In this course, you will learn the steps for training a solid chin rest behavior and discover its many practical, on-the-job applications. An animal can indicate he is ready to engage in a care interaction by offering a chin rest. If he is uncomfortable or experiencing a FAS, the animal can “opt out.” In this manner, a chin rest allows for Fear Free veterinary exams, husbandry/grooming procedures, and other types of care.
Launching Spring 2021

Happy Paws Magazine

Spring/Summer 2020 Issue Available Now!