Rachel Ro Bear

Rachel’s working life began in a bookstore. Despite loving everything about books and helping people find books to love, she realized she wanted to do something more impactful. This brought her to the field of developmental disabilities, where she had the privilege of working with many amazing humans and eventually filling the role of program director for a caregiving agency for people with special needs. A few years later, she had the opportunity to transition into the veterinary industry, which immediately felt like a dream come true. After spending several years in the veterinary industry, most recently as the practice manager for a busy multi-vet clinic with a superhero team, she received an incredible opportunity to join the Fear Free team when she moved from Arizona to Denver, Colorado.
A life-long crazy cat lady, Rachel has always wanted animals in her family. One of her earliest memories is meeting her very first dog, and her happiest moments continue to include the antics of her cats, Hyrule (aka Fur Cloud) and McCaffrey (aka Squidge aka Squish aka Squishy), and any other animal she gets to meet. When she’s not taking pictures of her cats, she loves to cook elaborate meals, explore new countries with her husband Jared, go to concerts, and rollerblade badly.

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