Stephanie Bachman

Steph graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science in 2013.  Although she was very interested in the clinical side of veterinary medicine, she knew she would better succeed on the business side of the animal sciences.  She enjoyed many different animal focused positions throughout college including being party of educational children’s camps at The Humane Society in Minnesota and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado, doggy daycares, and local shelters.  Her favorite aspect of every position she held was educating and being a resource to the public. She thoroughly enjoyed her job working at a local shelter in Denver, Colorado where she was adopted by a stray dog that she THOUGHT was quiet and calm.  Her new best friend, B, now drags her up the Rocky Mountains on eight mile hikes and lets her know about EVERY squirrel that has the nerve to step foot in her yard.

Besides her love of animals, Steph also enjoys running, playing sports, hiking, soccer, microbrews, food, and movies, in no specific order.  Steph was born in California, but her family moved when she was very young, so she officially grew up in South Dakota.  Her family would go on a ski trip almost every winter, which contributed to her love of snow and her passion for skiing. She is an advocate for adopt don’t shop, and has two rescue animals: a nine-year-old black cat named Izzy and a two-year-old mutt named B (short for Beatrix Kiddo).