Veterinary Behavior Consultations and TEAM Education in Animal Behavior

580 Alta Vista Road, Spicewood, TX, USA
580 Alta Vista Road Spicewood Texas 78669 US

Veterinary Behavior Consultations brings a complete and team approach to assisting pet owners with problem situations that they face with their pets. Dr. Martin and Debbie Martin help drastically improve many behavioral problems with their unique advanced qualifications and holistic perspective. Dr. Martin is a veterinary behaviorist and a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorist ( Debbie Martin is a Veterinary Technician Specialist- Behavior ( They are both highly dedicated to collaborating with pet owners and veterinarians to control undesirable behavioral issues & training problems. Veterinary Behavior Consultations specializes in both dog behavior and cat behavior.

“Dr. Martin is a gifted diagnostician and Debbie is an incredibly intuitive trainer. Veterinary Behavior Consultations provided me with diagnoses, tools, and follow up support. They created a well-designed, concise, individualized program for each of my dogs and worked with me and my veterinarian to implement them. My dogs responded well to the humane methods prescribed by Dr. Martin and I am very pleased with the progress they’ve made.”

— Kris with Sage & Lilli

“ I don’t know where I would be without their help, patience, expertise and guidance all these years. I have learned so much from them and I am so grateful to have found them.”

— Renee with Gretchen, Sarah & Isabelle

“The follow-up offered by the Martins and the detailed training manual are awesome. Zoe has even learned to walk on a lead without pulling. I highly recommend the services of Veterinary Behavior Consultations, LLC to any person who is seeking positive change in the behavior of a beloved pet.”

— Kay with Zoe

“My young beagle had anxiety about being touched and handled and after he snapped at a vet tech while in post-op for neutering, I had to do something. After working with two different trainers and not seeing results, I reached out to VBC. They spent about an hour with my dog in an in-person observation, then provided me with a very personalized program for him that took about 20 mins daily to practice. We also discussed my dog’s progress weekly via phone or email and made modifications to the program as needed. I was hoping for any improvement I could get…what I got was a life-changing experience of learning and bonding. The VBC approach is rooted in positivity. They teach you how to understand your animal’s signals and body language and use positive reinforcement to mitigate anxiety. Once you can understand your pet’s cues, you use this knowledge to gradually work with him to help resolve his issues in a true animal-canine partnership. The exercises are very gradual – they build on each other over time- and easy to do. Within 3 months, my dog was doing significantly better; within 6 months, the difference was amazing. I saw his anxieties gradually melt away. His big test was his annual exam. He completed the entire physical, two shots and a heartworm test without even needing a muzzle. The whole vet’s office was talking about how well he did and congratulating him as we left! My friends also tell me how much happier and mellower he has become.

Before we started VBC, I could barely touch him without him showing anxiety, growling and getting mouthy. He also displayed leash aggression. He now plays without getting too rough, routinely jumps on my lap, gives me kisses, takes belly rubs happily, snuggles with me while watching TV, is much more comfortable with new people and is much easier to walk. I feel like I understand him so much better because I have learned how his body language conveys his feelings. I can help him be successful in any situation by understanding his comfort level and acting accordingly to support him. He has blossomed, and I have learned an amazing amount by working with him. ”

— Tink and Taz Austin, Texas