Addressing Fear & Aggression in Avian Patients: A Constructional Approach

Course Overview

This short course will cover a novel technique for minimizing stress to birds while also comparing this technique to past concepts covered in the original Fear Free Veterinary Certification Program – Avian. We will teach you an alternative, advanced approach to reinforcing desired behavior in avian patients displaying fear or aggression that are not responding to other Fear Free training techniques. We’ll also provide several examples of using a Constructional Approach to teach useful behaviors and recommendations associated with the client and team communication surrounding the use of Fierce/Fearful to Friendly (F2F).

This course includes three lessons:

Lesson 1: Using the Constructional Approach to change responses from Fierce or Fearful to Friendly (F2F)
Lesson 2: Case Studies
Lesson 3: Practical Implementation

This course was written by Barbara Heidenreich and Alicia McLaughlin, DVM, CertAqVet.

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