Podcast CE: Case Studies in Feline and Canine Fear Free Visits

Case Study: Dakota

Fear Free is about looking out for our best friends, and nobody appreciates that more than their owners. In this podcast, through the lens of a client named Alex Patinios (our first featured client on a podcast ever) and his dog Dakota’s experience with Dr. Bloom, we get to hear what Fear Free means from a client’s perspective. This is a powerful case study that shows just how impactful Fear Free can be for the people and animals that the veterinary industry is dedicated to serving.

Case Study: Pooka the Cat

When Pooka first started going to see Dr. Bloom for routine check ups, she was never huge a fan of the experience, but it was “relatively” manageable. She was extraordinary well behaved at home, but veterinary visits just weren’t her thing—a scenario that is all too familiar for the veterinary profession. However, her behavior at the vet quickly escalated after a devastating cancer diagnosis required more intensive treatments. In fact, her behavior became so much of a problem that treatment was literally becoming impossible during a time when Pooka’s life depended on it. Thankfully, Dr. Bloom was in the midst of adopting something that would turn out to be transformative for not only him and the rest of the veterinary industry, but for Pooka as well: Fear Free. In this podcast, we talk with both Pooka’s owner, Howie Nisenbaum, and Dr. Bloom about Pooka’s inspiring journey through treatment.

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