Animal Trainer Proactive and Preventive Training

Course Overview

In this module, you will learn ways in which the Fear Free Animal Trainer can partner in Fear Free efforts to keep animals calm during veterinary care, procedures, and even on the day of surgery. This includes teaching animals the concept of a Treat-Ment station, training them to accept passive restraint, and acclimating them to sounds and equipment used during common diagnostic procedures.

While it’s impossible to train for every possible scenario, general training strategies can be practiced, such as training a dog to lie on his side while being handled, preparing him for an injection, or teaching him to indicate his willing consent for handling or care.

Through several in-hospital and at-home video tutorials, you will learn step-by-step how to proactively prepare animals for procedures such as ECGs, radiographs, ultrasounds, surgery, and more.

This module has been approved for 1.5 CEUs from CCPDT, IAABC, and KPA as well as 1 RACE approved CE hour.

The one-hour course is only for trainers with renewal credits and costs 1 credit.

This module is divided into three lessons.

You must be a trainer or a pet sitter to sign up for this course

Course Content

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