Beth Pasek

 Finicky Cat Sitting & Behavior, LLC
Berea, OH 44017, US
 Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Other (Non-Veterinary)

Beth is AWESOME, and it’s really apparent that she loves cats. We left our shy, needy little guy home for 5 days recently, and had her come by every day to feed and visit. Our cat does not warm up easily to people but by the end of our trip was sitting close to her, letting her pet him, rolling over to expose his belly and purring, and responding to her voice. She plans enrichment activities like “birdwatching” on YouTube and leaving hidden treats to discover later, as well as just spending some time and non-invasively letting the cat figure her out. Every day we got a digest email with notes and a picture or two, as well as an occasional text with a photo/video when things were going very well (rolling on floor asking to be pet, for example). I am definitely going to use her service next time we leave, and it makes me feel a bit of relief knowing that we have her as an option when we have to leave home for a while. ~A. S. on Yelp!