Dawn Marshall

 Pawsitive Nail Care and Stellar Dog Training
Clearwater, FL 33763, USA
 Trainer, Groomer

Pawsitive Nail Care’s mission is to provide a better nail trim experience by providing in-home nail trims for cats and dogs in Pinellas County, Florida.

Does your dog jump on guests, drag you down the street, bark at other dogs, not come when called, or just plain drive you crazy? Stellar Dog Training can help! Practical and effective training plans ensure you and your dog find success and joy in training.

What could be better then a highly skilled, professional to care for your dog? A highly skilled professional dedicated to making your dog comfortable, using only force/fear free techniques. That said, every consideration is given to insure your dog’s emotional well being, while providing the best service excellent results and fair pricing. My Aussie and Basset greet them at the door, tails wagging every time. Can’t thank them enough for making what used to be a difficult process, a happy, rewarding experience for all.
– Barbara Wood
Can’t say enough good stuff about these girls and their service. Trimming my dog’s nails used to be a huge source of pain and anxiety around our house, now my dogs are thrilled when they arrive! They know it’s treat time. Plus, I can schedule and pay online and they are always on time. Couldn’t ask for more.
– Judson Kidd
“I can’t say enough good things about Pawsitive! Dawn takes her time in making sure they are comfy while she trims their nails. Their nails are nice and short, with no sharp edges! She really is gifted and and loves what she does, and it shows.”
– Liz Brown