Emilea Byrum, RVT

 New Palestine Veterinary Clinic and Maggie's Foundation:Pet Training
Indianapolis, IN 46219, US
 Technician, Trainer

I am a fear free professional level 3! I work at New Palestine Veterinary Clinic as a behavior technician (nurse) and I am a trainer for Maggie’s Foundation: Pet Training.

Amy Cantolli  recommends Maggie’s Foundation: Pet Training.
April 9 We have been working with our cat and Emilea. Her staff is extremely friendly and professional. I will be going to Maggie’s Foundation for our training stuff from here on out.


Miranda Baker  recommends Maggie’s Foundation: Pet Training.
January 30 Emilea is an amazing veterinary technician. She is amazing with animals and has a passion compared to bone for them. If you have a pet that needs training check her out!


Morgan Lucier  recommends Maggie’s Foundation: Pet Training.
January 30 Emilea is not only an amazing friend but also an amazing support system for you and your pet. Plus she is a registered veterinary technician! You couldn’t ask for a more educated, passionate, and reliable trainer to have on you and your pet’s side!