Ingrid Johnson, CCBC (Certified Cat Behavior Consultant)

 Fundamentally Feline
Atlanta GA 30315
1845-1899 Shadydale Avenue Southeast Atlanta Georgia 30315 US
 Technician, Practice Manager, Trainer, Groomer

Fundamentally Feline offers in-home and phone consultations for clients experiencing behavior challenges with their cat(s). We provide the service of designing and installing custom built vertical space in our client’s homes along with our line of 100% sisal scratching products including: scratching posts, pads, ramps, and even a sisal balance beam for feline agility training! Ingrid also makes her own line of feline foraging toys (a.k.a. food puzzles). She speaks locally and nationally on a variety of behavior related topics and works full-time at Paws Whiskers and Claws, The Feline Hospital in Marietta Ga as a hospital manager, vet tech, and feline exclusive groomer. Fundamentally Feline can be found on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and free educational videos can be viewed on You Tube.

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