Janis Crary-CPTD-KA

 All About The Dog
Avilla, IN 46710-9708, US

As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, it is my mission to use only positive methods of training to keep our beloved pets in our family.  Clicker and reinforcement/treat training is how I let the dog or cat know they are doing a behavior to be repeated.  While using the most humane method possible to redirect or decrease behaviors the handler would like changed.   Seeing a change towards confidence from fear in our dogs and cats is the best.  As the saying goes, replace fear with love.

It’s not about “Dog obedience” it’s about learning how to communicate with your best friend in a way that makes him want to do things for you. It’s about building that cherished bond and becoming a team. It’s about deepening the love and understanding that flows between you and your dog. It’s all about the dog. And love…Debra

Jan is amazing and knows her stuff! Because of what I’ve learned from her my Bella and I have a great bond. I highly recommend Jan for any issues you may have with your four-legged friends. Thank you so much for everything Jan. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for you sharing your knowledge with me. Oh and your patience for when I mess up more than Bella.  Sarah

Janis was amazing to deal with. She was kind, patient, and gave us so many tools to work with. Working with her I never felt like we were just a job to her, she truly loves what she does and she cares for the dogs she works with.  Cassandra