Jenn Panko

 The SPAW Pet Rehabilitation and Fitness
The SPAW Pet Rehabilitation and Fitness 26841 Fraser Highway Aldergrove BC V4W3E4
26841 Fraser Highway Langley Township British Columbia V4W 3E4 CA
 Technician, Practice Manager

Our fear free approach to veterinary rehabilitation makes your cat or dogs visit to The SPAW as stress free as possible.  We have quiet places, hiding places, snuffle mats, kongs, treats, toys, and a calm methodical approach to acclimatizing your pet to our facility, staff, and equipment.

We are proud to offer hydrotherapy, laser, massage services and therapeutic exercise programs tailored to your pets individual needs and preferences.
Prehab: rehab before surgery or as a preventative measure
Post Operative Rehab: begins as soon as the day after surgery
SPAWsitively Fit: conditioning, fitness, and weight loss program
Raina’s Friends: Pets from local shelters are provided with use of The SPAW to improve their mobility or behaviour and increase their chance of being successfully adopted.
The SPAW is pleased to offer a variety of programs to improve the overall health and well being of your pet.

It is important for most patients to begin rehabilitation as soon as possible after surgery. We provide laser treatments, cryotherapy, and pain management immediately following surgery and our patients return to our clinic the following day for additional treatment and creation of their individual rehabilitation protocol. Initial post-operative treatments are gentle. They promote healing and reduce the risks of post-operative complications.

Our rehabilitation plans and programs are custom made to suit your pet, your lifestyle, budget, and are based on the physiology of healing and exercise science. We combine a full service rehabilitation facility, credentialed and experienced staff, with loving and compassionate care.

The team, which consists of you, your pet, the doctors and veterinary staff work towards one goal: to achieve the highest attainable quality of life for your pet. Whether your pet is an elite athlete, a senior with osteoarthritis, or a valuable family member recovering from an injury, we are here to help!