Kelly Detherow

 Just Fur-Babies Professional Pet Care Services
Olathe, KS, USA
126 South Cherry Street Olathe Kansas 66061 US
 Trainer, Pet Sitter, Dog Walker

Just a Fur-Babies is a real Professional Pet Care Service company. They are unique by the level of their professional certifications and expertise. Their services are personalized for you and your fur-baby. Not only do they receive love and caring, but they respect them, your family’s home, and their overall well-being. Their business is your business, this is not a “gig” this is their full time profession. Their values and expectations exceed most in the industry and they expect yours to do the same. Just a Fur-Babies loves what they do when your fur-babies love where they live! Certifications include Pet Sitters International CPPS, ProPet Hero Pet First Aid Instructor and they are the only pet sitting & dog walking company in The Kansas City area Fear Free certified. They are licensed, bonded, insured and background screened annually.


In Client Home Cat Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Let Outs, Canine Coaching (Dog Training) and classroom & on line Pet First Aid Courses

Kelly and her crew are the best! I can always count on great service. Kelly gives my kitty extra love while we are away. I never worry about our furry friend while we are on vacation. She watches over our home as well. – Maryellen W


We needed drop-in service at our home to let our dogs out while we were gone for a holiday. It was the first time for us to use a service like this and was apprehensive about letting anyone into our home. This company though put our mind at ease with their insurance, employee background checks, mobile app to communicate and schedule, and we received email reports after the pet visit to let us know how the dogs did. Very flexible to work with our needs. I plan to use them again and recommend them to anyone who needs a safe and reliable company to care for their pets while away! – Chad T


We have used Just Fur Babies weekly for some time and were thrilled to hear that Tim was doing training. He is so good with our golden retriever Rory!! He has started teaching him some commands that we were stuck on and we are seeing great progress. Plus we love the convenience.  We had done group training with Rory before and set a good foundation but Tim has really built upon it. His experience and professional method really show. We highly recommend Just Fur Babies and especially training with Tim! Your fur baby will love it and you will love their better behavior!! – Sharon F


We have been using Just Fur-Babies for almost a year now and it is one of the best decisions we have made. We used to board our dog, Sandy, and two cats, Lucy & Lola, but when Sandy seemed unhappy going to the boarding facility, we decided to try Just Fur-Babies. Kelly and her Team have been absolutely fantastic and have completely surpassed our high expectations. We have used them for as little as one night trips to as much as a ten night trip. Every time we have come home to happy, content girls and we could tell they were pampered while we were gone. The communication is spot on after each visit including adorable photos with a visit summary and it is super easy to schedule visits through the app. They will even follow your home routine such as opening/closing blinds and taking out the trash. You can not go wrong using Just Fur-Babies! – Monica G