Laura Brown

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 PETSRME - Cat sitter
Alexandria, VA 22315, US
 Pet Sitter

My name is Laura, I have run PETSRME a professional pet sitting company since 2001. I had 13+ years of Veterinary hospital experience including hands on animal care from day to day care of the pets in the hospitals, Surgical assistance, Veterinarian assistance, pharmacutical assistance. Hospital Administration including hiring processes, ordering of supplies, Front desk Head Reception including training of front desk staff, and client communications. I left the Veterinary field in 2001 and decided to begin to offer a sitting service to pets in their home due to seeing the amount of stress that happens to individual dogs and cats in a hospital / boarding setting. I have a tremendous fondness for special needs, and senior pets. I believe that all pets are unique and different and not a one size fits all for the care they should receive. With a medical background this allowed me to bring a higher level of care to pets in an environment that they were already comfortable in, educating owners on how to keep an ideal stress free home, Im also an advocate of species specific quality nutrition without a one size fits all approach, Im personally a DIY raw feeder but know this is not the best fit for all pets. I have extensive networking with other professional colleaques continuing to bring a higher standard of care to pets in their home. Im a member of National Association of Professional Pet sitters and National Capital Area Pet Sitters Network. I continue my education thru out the year with the Fear Free program, Vet Practice Magazine. and various webinars offered for our industry and species specific pets.