The Dogs’ Spot - Dog Training Center, LLC
1519 Atlantic North Kansas City MO 64116 United States
1543 Atlantic Street North Kansas City Missouri 64116 US

Laura is the founder and owner of The Dogs’ Spot – Dog Training Center. Laura has been teaching people how to train their dogs since 2004. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior and a Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP), a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KSA), a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT), is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI), a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator, a Canine Life and Social Skills (CLASS) Evaluator, a Victoria Stilwell endorsed trainer (VSPDT), and a Certified Fear Free Trainer. Laura has been a consultant for the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City and the KC Pet Project and enjoys giving talks on dog training and behavior. Laura lives with four dogs: Gracie, Skeeter, Guinness, and Fiona. She focuses on helping keep her senior dog, Gracie, stay fit and mobile in the FitPAWS™ K9 Conditioning Class and participates in the sport of Tricks and Rally Freestyle with Fiona (who also just happens to be blind and deaf). She is still trying to discover the things Skeeter and Guinness love to do as much as play with each other. Laura’s household also includes two cats, Leo and Peaches, and her good natured and supportive husband, Kirby.

Laura specializes in our Family Manners series, including Canine Good Citizen and Canine Life and Social Skills classes. She also leads all the Agility classes and the FitPaws Canine Conditioning classes.

“My pup and I love this place. Owner/trainer is very knowledgeable, and the other trainers are also very knowledgeable and work to train the handler correctly to set you and your partner up for success! So happy with the recommendation I got for them.” Debbie and Baxter

“My dogs and I love training at The Dogs’ Spot. The new facility is a big, bright, and comfortable space to work with the dogs. The padding on the floor is very comfortable for the dogs and their owners. Lots of fun activities to participate in every week!” Lisa and Suesse

“We have a great dane who is reactive toward strangers and other dogs. We enrolled Gulliver in Jamie’s reactive dog class and saw an amazing improvement over the course of the 6 week class. She is very knowledgeable and taught us not only how to recognize and manage Gulliver’s triggers, but also provided us with tools to help desensitize Gulliver to his triggers. We always felt safe and supported in the reactive dog class and Jamie responded quickly to questions/concerns even after the 6 week class had ended. We highly recommend this class to anyone with a reactive dog!” Rachel and Jennifer and Gulliver

“So excited to start my puppy out with such a cool training facility! Laura is a wealth of knowledge as the other trainers seem to be also!” Diane and Luna

“Laura is an amazing trainer with the patience of a Saint. My dogs have thrived under her training.” Sara and Ziva, Gabby, and Doug

“Tracy, thank you so much! You are an awesome teacher! Loved that you answered questions outside of class – so helpful. I really like your teaching style – you always find something I can improve on, but you always found something positive to say. I’m definitely going to recommend this class to all my friends with puppies.” Thank you, Susan and Marina

“I came to the dogs spot 3 years ago with a lab that had a lot of energy and no where to use it. I thought agility might be something we would both enjoy even though I didn’t know much about it. My dog and I both fell in love with the sport. Laura is such a great instructor and so patient and positive with the dogs as well as people. I came looking for a way to burn some energy and 3 years later my dog and I are not only competing at the elite level, we also help teach classes! The Dogs spot totally changed my life as well as my dogs for the better! I highly recommend the dogs spot to anyone looking for training as well as for people looking for something fun to do with their dog.” LeAnn and Bear

“Laura Hills’ training methods changed my totally fearful yorkie into a confident, normal terrier with competition titles in rally obedience, tricks and agility. I hate to think the life she might have led without the patience and guidance I received from Laura. Can’t ask for a better dog trainer!” Pam and Magic

“Best place around. Everyone is so nice and helpful. I have only been here twice but plan to make it a lifelong place to go.” Jordan and Sophie

“Awesome! I’ve been taking my puppy there for kindergarten and now he’s moving up. Kindergarten includes basic instructions and socializing and exposure to strollers wheelchairs etc.. Great positive reinforcement clicker training. Can’t wait to start agility. I was her 2,000 punch card today!” Lindsay and Pancakes

“The best trainer in Kansas City! The most patient, kind, caring trainer and human being. I can tell you that she is an absolute angel on earth that shares her compassion and absolute genius ability with animals and people. Laura has so much patients teaching people which is truly the hardest part. She is highly knowledgeable in so many areas of the dog world, scent dogs, and agility and so many more things. It is an honor to know her.” Yvette and Dani

“I have the best dog in the world thanks to LAURA!” Mona and Dili

“I have been training dogs with positive methods for a long time. After a disappointing experience at a local obedience club which encouraged chain leash corrections and made my dog scared, I decided to walk away from the $100 I sank into that place to save my relationship with my dog and headed for The Dog’s Spot because of Laura’s positive training credentials. The orientation class for humans is a little long if you’ve done clicker training before, but otherwise the classes here are AWESOME. We took a super fun Tricks class with Laura and Jamie, and a couple workshops with the two of them, and they are both patient, kind to people and dogs, and very good trainers. I LOVED their workshop on the Copy That observational learning method. This is an awesome place for training your dog in a way that enhances rather than damage your bond, and they keep at the forefront of positive behavior training and techniques. Lambchop and I highly recommend them!” Leticia and Lambchop

“This new location makes the great dog training even better, and I love the new class opportunities!” Cathy and Elsie and Hector

“Great training facility with super trainers. My dogs and I love the classes!” Pam

“The new facility is fantastic for lots of different dog training opportunities!” Lisa and Kali

“Great classes!!!” Inez and Kipsey

“Laura Devine Hills and The Dogs’ Spot Training Center is the place to be if you want to introduce your dog to positive, supportive training in a fun environment. Dogs can try their paw at agility equipment, Noseworks, and clicker training. Pet families will learn what their dogs are saying and how to communicate to them to create a home life that is good for all. The Dogs’ Spot is the best facility for dog training in the Northland!” Tracy and Doc Holliday and Maybel

“Most dog training facilities have a trainer that’s good with dogs OR good with people. Laura is that rare trainer who is good with people and phenomenal with dogs! Check out the huge variety of classes offered to have fun with your dog.” Pam and Fletch

“Great positive Trainer! My dog loved going to classes here!” LeAnn

“Last year, I had 3 new dogs and all of them were in the classes doing different things. They have all been in the obedience training too. She does it all. Her prices are very reasonable. The thing about training the dog is she is really training the people who own them as well. She was just wonderful. The way she conveyed the message did not make you feel defensive. She is very patient person. She always holds the welfare of the animal as the most important thing.” Anastasia and Abby, Caitlyn, and Aime

“Laura offered a private lesson but was willing to let me attend a class to see how we could handle the other dogs. We attended the first class with 5 other dogs and we barely survived. Laura saw improvement and encouraged me to stick with it. Well from that point on, we were able to see improvement every week. We saw such improvement that we signed up for more classes and we continue to gain confidence. It has been great watching my dog accept other dogs and to initiate play with a few. I also have scheduled private lessons with Laura to help with my dog’s resource guarding and also helping her to play with other dogs. We have been able to attend agility and tracking classes, as well. The approach that Laura uses is great and the dogs respond to the reward-based training.” Vickie and Jesse