Lee Desmarais

 Zippity Do Dog Training and Behavior Modification
Norton, MA 02766, USA
Lee Desmarais is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Professional Dog Trainer Program and an AKC CGC Trainer and Evaluator, as well as a Certified Level-1 Applied Behavior Analysis Accredited Practitioner (ABAP-1), certified fear-free professional, and a member of the Pet Professional Guild and Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Lee is a positive based, force-free aversive-free trainer, whose primary style of teaching is based in ethical and scientifically proven training approaches, according to the ethical guidelines and humane practices as defined by:

The Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers
​The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior
The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists
The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
Linda Michaels’ Hierarchy of Dog Needs
The Pet Professional Guild
Lee understands fully that the methods of training chosen to work with dogs will shape the relationships and emotional well-being those dogs have with both their owners and their environment, for their lifetime. Lee is often heard saying “we don’t hurt dogs, not even their
 but this isn’t just a catchy tag line, it is her philosophy 100% of the time. Because of that, she is committed to her continued education in order to stay informed on the most current behavioral approaches, most ethical practices, and most positive reinforcement techniques of the day. Dog training isn’t about obedience and commands, in fact those words are not in her training vocabulary; Lee believes training is about building a relationship with your dog, much like that between humans; one that is based on love and trust, give, and take, as well as mutual understanding

“I have known Lee for over 15 years. She is the most kind, ethical and compassionate person I know… and I do not say that lightly. I know that she will do right by you and your dog. Let me begin with this… Lee explains directions and answer her client’s questions with kindness and positivity as witnessed in other reviews. You know what to expect going in and she delivers. Changing a dog’s behavior takes time, energy, and a lot of hard work. Lee will spend as much time as it takes to get things right. This includes engaging with the dog owner and explaining expectations right from the start. There is NO fine print… Just heart. Lee is worthy of her kibble and will take the time to hear what you have to say. Everyone communicates differently, and Lee will know how to adapt her communication skills to any particular style. Lee is able to pace her teaching to the learning speed of you and your dog to ensure you make the positive changes you need. You know your dog best and a she will make sure to understand your perspective on the situation fully. Sometimes, standard training won’t be enough to eliminate a bad behavior or teach an owner how to effectively communicate with their pooch. Fortunately, there’s no one right way to train a dog! Lee will have plenty of ideas on what steps to take next if you aren’t getting the results you want. Perhaps nothing is more important in a dog trainer than having a deep love of dogs. Lee is passionate about what she does and she will excel compared to those who do it for other reasons. If you find a trainer who loves dogs as much as you love your furry friend, you’ll see training results in no time! And Lee is the trainer for you!!” -Diana Lockaby