Lori Torrini

 Behavior Education LLC
Yoder, CO 80864, US

Behavior Education at Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary provides training and behavior consultations for animals and their humans. We are dedicated to teaching cooperative care behaviors, helping companion animals and all animals under captive management learn how to live and interact in the human world with minimal fear, anxiety, and distress. We use the least intrusive, most effective methods necessary to train, achieve behavior change, and manage care putting the safety of animals and their keepers first. I have a background with many species of mammals, but have worked extensively with equids and canids. In 2017 I started working with snakes and in 2018 really shifted my focus to promoting cooperative care training, general training, and force-free care and management of reptiles, specifically snakes. I post free mini-courses and other educational videos on my YouTube channel with a focus on snakes, but there are playlists titled dogs, and equines for those also interested in that. I usually post general videos on Sunday and videos of training sessions on Tuesdays with random videos at other times. My complete bio and credentials, our philosophy, and links to my YouTube as well as interviews and articles can be found on my website: https://www.behavioreducation.org/