Louise Stapleton-Frappell B.A. Hons. PCBC-A. PCT-A. CAP3. CTDI. CWRI. DN-FSG1. DN-CPCT2.

 DogSmith of Estepona
Carril de la Resinera, Estepona, Spain
Carril de la Resinera Estepona Andalucía 29680 ES

Membership manager of The Pet Professional Guild British Isles and co-owner and faculty member of DogNostics Career College, Professional Canine Behaviour Consultant – Accredited through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board, Fear Free Certified Professional, Louise Stapleton-Frappell, The DogSmith of Estepona, has constantly built on her knowledge and furthered her education in the field of force-free, rewards based, science based dog training. She was one of the first twenty people worldwide to become a Professional Canine Trainer – Accredited, through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board. She is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Certified Whistle Recall Instructor and a DogNostics Fun Scent Games Instructor; gained her CAP3 with Distinction; is a DogNostics Level 2 Pet Care Technician; holds ITDH’s force-free Instructor Certification and The Pet Professional Guild’s Pet First Aid Certification, as well as verified certification in Animal Behaviour and Welfare (Edinburgh University) and Dog Emotion and Cognition (Duke University). Louise is proud to be a Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor and Assessor, a programme that acknowledges the hard work and commitment that guardians and their dogs undertake to make their shared lives enjoyable.
The author and instructor of the DogNostics’ Dog Training Program and TrickMeister Titles, Louise is also a steering committee and education committee member of The Pet Professional Guild; steering committee member of The Pet Professional Guild British Isles, regional coordinator of Doggone Safe in Spain and co-presenter of PPG World Service Radio. Louise Stapleton-Frappell presents at conferences internationally and has gained a reputation for expertly teaching and training humans and canines at her own establishment, The DogSmith of Estepona.


Great Session!

Great session! I really enjoyed the private session I took with Louise at Happy Dogs Estepona, I have a very timid rescue dog called Lollie she’s been with me a year now and is very fearful of many, many things. She really enjoyed the ‘clicker’ and scent games in our session and I have found that her recall has improved since continuing her clicker training after the session. Louise really went above and beyond anything I expected, she was so informative and took the time out of her busy schedule to send me an extensive list of helpful information that can help Lollie overcome her fears. I can and do highly recommend her to others. I wish I lived nearer to her as I would definitely attend more sessions with her. Thank you, Louise.

10 Dec 2016
Sarah Guest

Calm, Professional Training Technique

I took my eight-year-old dog to the Ambassador class with Louise and she absolutely loved it. She’s never had any kind of training before as we live in a rural area and she is always running free. Within one class she was walking nicely on a lead and generally having a fantastic time – especially with all the treats she ate. Louise has a calm, professional training technique and this is reflected in the progress the dogs make so quickly.

3 Jan 2017
Katie Mardlin

I Would Recommend Any of The Classes!

I have completed several classes with Louise of Happy Dogs Estepona, all have been great fun for me but more importantly the dogs love it.
Louise has a great ability to teach, she has depth of knowledge not only about dog behavior but how to make the learning fun for the dogs and the owners.
The sessions are well organized, friendly and enjoyable. I would recommend any of the classes as they help you to understand your dog and gain useful techniques to help when out and about.
The classes that I have attended are: Fun tricks and Manners, Fun Scent Games and Pet Dog Ambassador.

28 Feb. 2017
Sally Davey

Highly Recommend

Our dogs love to train with Louise. They are happier and more motivated to work with us than before the training sessions with Louise. We will absolutely continue with group classes and can highly recommend also private classes. We love how well Louise works with different kind of dogs and are happy that she always has time for questions.

Janina Tainio
Nueva Andalucía

Looking Forward to the Next Course
It was a pleasure not just for me but I know Caesar looks forward to his manners class every Saturday. It has helped me to learn to teach Caesar in the correct way.I look forward to the next course. Thank you, Louise.

Phil Heathcote

A Wealth of Knowledge
Louise offers really great training through a reward based programme. Our dog responded well to the positive reinforcement. Her love and passion for dogs is obvious. Louise, has a wealth of knowledge about dog behaviour and is able to differentiate the behaviour of various dogs in the group and knows how to help each owner in carrying out the training tasks. Her knowledge is also demonstrated in providing useful tips to enhance good behaviour in dogs. The class summaries together with the suggested homework are invaluable.

Jan 2018
Mike and Mary Grech

Highly Recommend
A very positive experience for our little Ness and us. Louise was always available to answer questions and provide personalized advice. Thank you for everything.

Jan 2018
Susan and Chip Ponthus Jackson
Estepona, Málaga

An Excellent Grounding
We have just completed our “Small Paw Etiquette Puppy Class” a 6 week course, which gave our 4 month old puppy “Joe” an excellent grounding. We too benefited from the course in development and training techniques, which we will continue with over the coming months. The course also provided good socialisation skills for a young pup. Louise clearly has a passion for dogs, she makes the classes fun, all the pups love her and her training skills can only lead to a happy, well behaved adult dog.

March 2018
Sue Langton

Happy Dogs!

*****When attending classes at Happy dogs Estepona, I’ve found that happy dogs is exactly what you come away with, they are happy to arrive, happy to take part and so happy to learn and I couldn’t ask for more! My dogs have never loved anything as much as they love these classes.When I attended my first course, Louise had her worked cut out with me! But she was so kind and didn’t mind constantly having to repeat herself and not because of the dogs it was just for me! Having attended other training classes, that I had thought were ok, from my first day I thought I had gone from Primary school straight to university! I’ve been taught so much; I just can’t believe how it’s changed mine and my dogs’ lives.

18 Feb 2016
Sheelagh Williams
Estepona, Málaga

A Fabulous Teacher

About 4 years ago, I undertook a dog instructor’s course and met Louise and, although we have both worked with and for dogs since, it’s been in different directions. However, throughout this time, we have managed to help each other a lot and become good friends.
From our initially meeting, Louise went on in different ways and has gone on to successfully pass various courses and gained many more qualifications, as well as starting her own training courses. The first class I attended in Mijas, that Louise hosted, was a Trick class and more recently, I have attended a Manners class at Happy Dogs Estepona. I have witnessed the all-round investment in time, knowledge and skills that Louise has put in to become a fabulous teacher and that positive reinforcement really works!
I am the owner of a small dog charity, 4 Paws Adoptions, and I know that all the dogs I adopt have had Positive Reinforcement training and I am sure that has aided the successful adoption process for me. Some of the dogs even have a couple of tricks to impress their new families and I am certain that the dogs having good manners solidifies an adoption. A dog with good manners, that’s been trained positively, enhances a smooth relationship!
Also, Louise and Jambo (her Staffy Bull Terrier Champion Trick dog) have continually helped to raise funds for 4 Paws Adoptions both online and at various events we have hosted.

21 Feb, 2017.
Stacey Lloyd
4 Paws Adoptions, Fuengirola.

Positive and Driven!

Louise Stapleton is a very positive and driven dogtrainer and it’s nice to see she loves all dogs, little of big, young or older. The dogs really like her and within a few minutes dogs are naturally coming to her. We are very happy to visit Louise regularly with our little dog because he is learning but also having a great time!

Inge Van Kemenade
Oud-Turnhour, Antwerpen

A Kind Method of Training

Lottie loved Louise and the private lessons. Lottie is 8 months old and has gotten off to a great start. Found her treat which was surprisingly balls. A very kind method of training and it works. Will be joining the group classes for tricks and then agility. Now it is practice practice and more practice.

Anne Masters

Well Done!
I couldn’t recommend enough the experience for both you and your dog. Patience, logical and easily explained, Louise makes you a better owner/trainer and more importantly Eddie came on leaps and bounds and our relationship and understanding has improved both our learning and training. Well done Louise and Eddie.

November 2017
Stuart Black

Definitely Recommend
This has done wonders with our dog! I definitely recommend DogSmith of Estepona for anyone having a furry friend!

Feb 2018
Veronica Afzelius
Estepona, Málaga

Very Happy Puppy
Just finished The Small Paw Etiquette Puppy Class. Thank you, Louise, for your patience and kind method of teaching. Delilah has settled well at home and is becoming a well behaved and very Happy puppy. I look forward to the next course.

March 2018
Paula Menchen
San Pedro de Alcántara